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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Google Map

Google Maps tests a significant redesign on Android devices

Discover the latest enhancements in the Google Maps redesign now being tested on Android, featuring improved functionality and aesthetics.

Google Search and Maps introduce upgrades for greener travel

Explore Google's latest updates to Maps and Search, designed to help you make more sustainable travel choices.

Google’s latest updates simplify your outing plans

Google Maps and Search's new updates, including AI itineraries and curated recommendations, offer a streamlined way to plan your outings.

Google Maps introduces AI-powered local search: A game-changer for businesses

Google Maps is revolutionising local search with AI-powered recommendations to make businesses easier to find.

Google Maps introduces new privacy features

Explore the latest Google Maps updates, boosting user privacy with improved location settings, changes in data storage, and the easy deletion of specific location data.

Google unveils new AI functionalities for Google Maps

Discover the new AI-powered features in Google Maps, assisting in trip planning, exploring unknown areas, finding EV charging stations, and visual searching, making your experiences more intuitive and engaging.