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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Google Workspace

Google’s Gemini AI introduces enhanced privacy for schools

Google's Gemini AI for schools offers enhanced privacy without extra cost, launching May 23 with added accessibility features for Chromebooks.

Duet AI (Gemini) for Google Workspace ushers in a new era of collaboration

Explore how Gemini for Google Workspace revolutionises collaboration with AI, offering tools for enhanced productivity, creativity, and data protection for all team sizes.

Streamlining sales and marketing efforts with CRM in Google Workspace

Discover how integrating Freshsales CRM with Google Workspace enhances sales and marketing efforts, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Google introduces handwriting capabilities to Google Docs

Google's new handwriting feature in Google Docs brings a personal touch to digital documents, ideal for education and professional use.

Google Workspace enhancements unveiled for Android Tablets

Discover the latest updates to Google Workspace apps, enhancing the user experience on Android tablets with new features.