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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Google enhances mobile accessibility for users with low vision

Google unveils new Android accessibility features, enhancing navigation and communication for users with low vision.

Google DeepMind unveils RecurrentGemma: A new leap in language model efficiency

Explore how Google DeepMind's new RecurrentGemma model excels in efficiency and performance, offering a viable alternative to transformer-based models.

Set sail with World of Warships: Legends on mobile devices

World of Warships: Legends, now available on mobile devices, featuring crossplay, new events, and early access ships.

iOS 18 set to revolutionise your iPhone’s home screen

Apple's iOS 18 is set to make the iPhone home screen more customisable and enhance Siri with generative AI.

Dive into the fantasy world: ‘Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis’ now available in Southeast Asia

Dive into the enchanting world of 'Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis', now available for download in Southeast Asia on iOS, Android, and Steam.

Hoyoverse announces new Zenless Zone Zero closed beta test

Join the new Zenless Zone Zero closed beta, the Amplifying Test, for a first look at improved combat, new characters, and more.

Apple launches iOS 17.4 with ground-breaking changes in the EU

Apple rolls out iOS 17.4, introducing third-party app stores in the EU and exciting new features, enhancing functionality and security.

Apple introduces quantum-proof encryption for iMessage

Explore how Apple's latest update to iMessage with PQ3 encryption sets a new industry standard, offering unmatched security.