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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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iOS 18 to showcase practical AI enhancements at WWDC 2024

iOS 18's AI features at WWDC 2024 will include voice memo transcription, improved Siri interactions, and more practical enhancements.

WWDC 2024 is approaching, and AI is set to be the highlight. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple will introduce AI features with real-world applications rather than anything too extravagant.

Key AI features to look out for

Gurman expects Apple to unveil several AI-driven features designed to make daily tasks easier, such as:

  • Photo retouching: Enhance your photos effortlessly.
  • Voice memo transcription: Convert voice memos into text.
  • Suggested replies: Get automated replies for your emails and messages.
  • Auto-generated emojis: Enjoy new emojis tailored to your messages.
  • Enhanced Safari search: Improved web searching capabilities.
  • Efficient Spotlight searches: Faster and more reliable search results.
  • Natural Siri interactions: More seamless conversations with Siri.
  • Advanced Siri on : Optimised for quick tasks.
  • Smart notification recaps: Summarise missed notifications, messages, and more.
  • New Xcode tools: Enhanced tools for developers.

Apple aims to perform all AI processing on your device, but some features may need cloud support to function efficiently. This hybrid approach ensures powerful performance without overburdening your device.

Anticipated features

A standout feature is voice memo transcription. If you've found the Voice Memo app lacking the ability to convert audio to text, this addition will be particularly exciting.

Gurman also suggests that these features will be presented as a “preview,” indicating ongoing development and future enhancements.

These upcoming AI features are poised to make 18 more user-friendly and functional. From smarter replies to better photo editing, Apple's focus on practical AI applications will likely enhance your daily digital interactions. Keep an eye on WWDC 2024 for the full reveal.

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