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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Sharing passwords with your Google family group just got easier

Google now allows users to securely share passwords within their family group, improving access to shared services like Netflix.

Netflix’s new price hike in Singapore: Premium users feel the pinch

Netflix raises subscription prices in Singapore, with a notable increase for premium users, prompting a mixed reaction.

Decades-old GTA games on Netflix gain popularity amidst GTA 6 anticipation

Excitement for GTA 6 leads to a surge in popularity for classic GTA titles on Netflix Games, showcasing the enduring appeal of the franchise.

Netflix Games sees a sharp rise in popularity

Netflix Games experiences a substantial increase in popularity with a 180% rise in downloads in 2023, driven by the GTA series and a diverse gaming portfolio, signalling a bright future in the mobile gaming market.

Apple hikes subscription fees for Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple One bundles

Apple announces a significant price hike for Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple One bundles, following similar moves by Netflix and Spotify. What does this mean for consumers?

Netflix faces challenges in expanding ad revenue while subscriber base grows

Netflix reveals Q3 results showing growth in subscriber numbers while facing challenges in diversifying into ad revenue. The streaming service continues to experiment with new ad formats and partnerships

Netflix rolls out cloud gaming trials in the US

Netflix is testing its cloud gaming service in the US, expanding its gaming offerings on smart TVs and other devices, promising a unique blend of gaming and streaming for its members.

Netflix is gearing up to adjust prices post-Hollywood strike

Netflix plans a price hike in several global markets post-Hollywood strike, with other streaming giants adjusting to new industry dynamics.