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Friday, June 21, 2024


A critical Windows update fixes a major Wi-Fi security vulnerability

Update your Windows PC now to fix a severe Wi-Fi security flaw and protect your device from potential cyber-attacks.

AMD and Intel are left out of Copilot+ for now

AMD and Intel will receive Copilot+ features later, but they are currently limited to Snapdragon X Elite and Plus chips.

Microsoft makes changes to Recall following user outcry

Microsoft addresses privacy concerns by updating its Recall feature before launch, ensuring local storage, user control, and enhanced security measures.

New ransomware exploiting Windows BitLocker discovered

A new ransomware strain, ShrinkLocker, uses Windows BitLocker to encrypt files, targeting government agencies and manufacturing firms.

Microsoft to remove WordPad, Cortana, and Tips in an upcoming update

Windows 11 24H2 update to remove WordPad, Cortana, and Tips, bringing new AI features and hardware support for Wi-Fi 7 and SSE4.2.

Microsoft launches a website to track Windows game performance on Arm devices

Discover how well Windows games run on Arm devices with Microsoft's new website, featuring performance categories and user-contributed results.

Microsoft introduces ‘Windows Volumetric Apps’ for Meta Quest headsets

Experience 3D apps and objects on Meta Quest headsets with Microsoft's new ‘Windows Volumetric Apps’ feature.

Microsoft experiments with a new floating widget feature for the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft is testing a new Start menu feature in Windows 11 that introduces floating widgets, potentially enhancing functionality and user interaction.