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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Why a folding iPad could revolutionise your device experience

Discover why a folding iPad could revolutionise your device experience by combining the power of an iPad with the convenience of a phone.



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Folding an iPad in half might seem like a crazy idea, but it could be revolutionary. Imagine the convenience of having an iPad that can also be your phone. Here's why a folding iPad would be a game-changer.

Apple's current lineup is quite diverse. You have the Pro iPhones, which are incredibly powerful. The iPad Pro is a fantastic device, but many don't use it as a computer. The iPad Mini is popular among aeroplane pilots, and the iPad Air is heavier than the iPad Pro. Apple also struggles with the non-standard-sized , which can make it difficult for users to find the right device for their needs. There are just too many options. A folding iPad could potentially simplify this lineup by offering a versatile device that combines the features of a tablet and a phone.

Condensing these into one product could simplify things. Picture an iPad Mini that doubles as a phone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the Google Pixel Fold. Apple has already shown interest in folding devices, with rumours about a folding iPad that resembles a MacBook and a clamshell-style iPhone. Both ideas sound exciting, but the concept of an iPad as a folding phone seems more practical. However, it's important to consider that a folding iPad could potentially be more expensive than current models due to the added technology and functionality.

Optimal thinness is achieved

Apple has mastered making devices thin. The iPad Pro is thinner than most phones and all other Apple computers. It's only 5.1 mm thick. If you fold it in half, it's just a bit thicker than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This would make the iPad more portable without compromising on functionality. For instance, when folded, the device could still allow for basic phone functions such as making calls and sending messages, while also providing a larger screen for more complex tasks when unfolded.

Imagine having a device that offers the multitasking capabilities of an iPad but can be folded into a phone-sized gadget. You could be reading an article on the larger screen and seamlessly transition to a phone call without having to switch devices. It would be perfect for those who need to carry fewer devices while still having access to powerful tools.

iPadOS 18 features

iPadOS 18 brings new handwriting features that are worth noting. With an Apple Pencil, you can write notes that Smart Script will automatically tidy up. This could be particularly useful for students taking lecture notes or professionals jotting down ideas in a meeting. You can even erase parts of your handwritten note, and the text will adjust itself to fill the space. This solves a common problem with stylus writing on phones: adding text is easy, but erasing it often looks messy.

But realistically, you wouldn't write a grocery list on an iPad and take it to the store to cross items off. However, if you could fold your tablet in half and use it as a phone, it would be much more than just practical. It's a way to make the iPad more versatile and mobile, aligning with how people use their devices in everyday life.

A practical solution for users

Apple might prefer selling you both a phone and a tablet. But an iPad that folds in half could be more than just appealing. Many people already have a phone and a computer, so the excitement around an iPad diminishes. However, an iPad that folds in half could be a practical addition for users looking for a multipurpose device. It could cater to those who need a powerful tablet for work or and a phone for daily use, all on one device.

A folding iPad could make the device more relevant and exciting. It combines the power of an iPad with the convenience of a phone, providing a seamless experience for users.

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