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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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101 Interesting Facts about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is evolving very rapidly, and new trends are forming every day. Marketers today are required to gain knowledge about the landscape and plan their strategies effectively. In recent years, digital marketing has revolutionized many businesses and turned out to be one of the core requirements for any business organization. As we are progressing […]

Digital marketing is evolving very rapidly, and new trends are forming every day. Marketers today are required to gain knowledge about the landscape and plan their strategies effectively. In recent years, digital marketing has revolutionized many businesses and turned out to be one of the core requirements for any business organization. As we are progressing into 2017, it will be primed to be the year for smarter, integrated digital strategy. Marketers no longer see digital as an independent marketing discipline, or rather, marketers are moving towards “digitally led business models,” integrating both traditional and digital marketing into the business.

From search engine marketing to e-mail marketing and social media advertising, almost everything is becoming digital. If you are engaged in any marketing and advertising roles in an organization, here are 101 interesting digital marketing facts that you must know to generate effective promotional strategies in the digital era.

Social Media Facts

1. Nearly about 1.7 billion people have active accounts on social media sites. (Jeff Bullas)

2. 45% of users feel uncomfortable when email and Facebook are difficult to access. (Wersm)

3. Approximately 46% of web users prefer social media while purchasing anything. (Wersm)

4. Each day around 70 million photos and videos are uploaded to . (Growing Social Media)

5. Food is the most searchable category on Pinterest as 57% of users discuss about food-related topics. (Slideshare)

6. Now there are over 3 billion lively Internet users (45% of the world's internet users). (Jeff Bullas)

7. Only 18% of customers trust ads by companies on social networking sites like Facebook and . (MediaPost)

8. Social media stands third as news source at 28% after television and newspaper. It's followed by radio at 19% and other print media at 6%. (DIW)

9. 90% of business organizations declare that they use social media to take action to customer complaints or inquiry – however 58% of consumers tweeted that they had never received an answer from the offending organization. (Bluewolf)

10. When the companies respond to customers, the average response time of a company on Twitter to user inquiry or a complaint is 9 hrs. (Social Media Slant)

11. For online purchaser, the average order value inclined by social media last year was $143.46. (ASP)

12. 82% of hyper development SMBs declares that social media is helpful for generating new leads. (B2C)

13. Until now 93% of users' buying decisions are influenced by social media because 90% trust peer recommendations. But only 14% believe in advertisements. (YouTube)

14. Although 78% of organizations now have a committed social media team but only 26% combine social media fully with business strategies. (Dash Burst)

15. Only 20% of CMOs use social media sites to interact with customers. (Marketing Land)

16. Around 83% of consumers say they have had a “bad experience with social media marketing.” (Experience The Blog)


Facebook Facts

17. There are almost 1.39 billion monthly active users on Facebook. (Growing Social Media)

18. There are more than 50 million pages on Facebook. (Comverj)

19. Canada is that country that has the most active Facebook users. (DMR)

20. There are about 936 million active users on Facebook. (DMR)

21. 6% percent of all digital time is spent on Facebook. (DMR)


LinkedIn Facts

22. 347 million people have LinkedIn account. (LinkedIn)

23. Total revenue at the end of 2014 was $643 million (a growth rate of 44% over the previous period). (LinkedIn)

24. Over 39 million students and recent college graduates have registered accounts on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

25. The rate of professionals creating account is 2 per minutes. (DMR)

26. On average, each week eight new LinkedIn groups are created with 200 group conversations per minute. (Social Media Slant)

27. 83% of business marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing. (B2C)

28. For B2B websites and blogs, 90% of social traffic is gathered by the big three networks – with half of it by LinkedIn. (B2C)

29. LinkedIn (74%) and Tumblr (54%) are the only social networks that U.S. users access most via computers. (Social Media Slant)


Google Plus Facts

30. Google+ has over 343 Million active users. (Slideshare)

31. At least once a week 80% users active on Google+ and 60% users login every day. (Slideshare)

32. Google+ spends over half a billion to design and develop. (Jeff Bullas)

33. 48% of Fortune Global 100 organizations are available on Google+. (Social Marketing Quarterly)


Twitter Facts

34. If Twitter would be a country, it would be the 12th largest country in the world. (Rocket Post)

35. 170 Minutes is the average time per month spent by users on Twitter. (Rocket Post)

36. 77% of Twitter accounts are outside of U.S. (Twitter)

37. Twitter supports 33 languages. (Twitter)

38. There is 50% crossover of members on Instagram and Twitter. (Steam Feed)

39. Revenue at Twitter is approaching an annualized rate of $2 billion a year. The latest quarter revenue results were $432 million which was a 97 percent increase. (Jeff Bullas)

40. 53% of Twitter users recommend products in their tweets at some point in time. (Social Media)

41. The fastest-growing users on Twitter are grandparents. (YouTube)


Instagram Facts

42. More than 75 million people are daily Instagram users. (DMR)

43. The estimated number of Instagram users in US is 77.6 millions. (DMR)

44. 64% of Instagram users are women, 36% men. 73% of users are between 15 and 35 years old. (Iconosquare)

45. On Instagram 53% of posts have at least one hashtag. 20% have more than 6 hashtags. (Iconosquare)


YouTube Facts

46. Nearly about 1 billion people use YouTube. (DMR)

47. YouTube gets to more U.S. grown ups age 18-24 years old than any cable system. (Steam Feed)

48. U.S. marketing experts invested $2.8 billion on internet video promotion in 2013. (MediaPost)

49. Estimated total revenue in 2014 was $4 billion. (DMR)


Mobile Marketing Facts

50. To start with in a world of 6.8 billion, 4 billion use mobile phones! (Bloggers Ideas)

51. About 91% of adults always keep their mobile phone with them. It does not mean that they are lazy; they just want to be updated. (Bloggers Ideas)

52. It has been observed that about 50% of customers do shopping using their mobile phones for more than 30 minutes a day. (Bloggers Ideas)

53. The vast majority of buyer believe that mobile optimized websites run quicker than non-mobile-optimized websites. (CMO)

54. Mobile app store profits globally are estimated to increase to US $76.5 billion in 2017. (CMO)

55. 44% of buyers say that they would like companies to provide offers and coupon codes to their cellular systems. (CMO)

56. 78% of Facebook users are on mobile only. (CMO)

57. 25% of Americans use only cellular systems to gain access to the Internet. (HubSpot)

58. Mobile promotions perform 4-5 times better than online ads in key analytics such as product favorability, attention, and purchase motive. (HubSpot)

59. 61% of promoters indicate social media as the most crucial area to concentrate over the next 12 months, observed closely by cell phone at 51%. (Fierce CMO)

60. 74% of Smartphone end users use their phone to help with shopping. (HubSpot)

61. 63% of adult cell owners use their cell phones to go on the web; 34% of mobile online users go online mostly using their mobile phones. (PRC)

62. 32% of enhanced mobile marketing budget will come from digital screen promoting. (Heidi Cohen)

63. 48% of e-mails are opened up on cellular devices. But only 11% of emails are designed for mobile. And 69% of cell phone users remove emails that are not designed for mobile. (HubSpot)

64. Mobile sharing grew 2.6 times quicker than desktop sharing as a result of 2014, and now accounts for the majority of social activities. (Social Media Slant)

65. Almost 70% of cell phone owners say they get unwanted sales/marketing calls spam or text messages on their mobile phones. 25% say they get these unwanted calls and texts at least once a week. (PRC)


Email Marketing Facts

66. 61% of B2B marketing experts globally mentioned CTR was the most valuable statistic for examining email marketing campaign efficiency, in comparison with 48% of business-to-consumer (B2C) promoters. (Digital Vidya)

67. The intelligent B2B promoters are customizing their conversation dependent on a probability interests using behavior data and an entire new era of online customization technology. (Digital Vidya)

68. Most email services obstruct images from new senders by default – and much less than 50 percent of all email customers make the effort to modify the configuration settings. (Made You Look Online)

69. Email ad profits achieved $156 million in 2012. (IAB)

70. 33% of email individuals open email depending on subject line only. (Digital Vidya)

71. The #1 email client for Gmail users is the mobile integrated mail application. (Litmus)

72. e-Marketer estimates the US adult email visitors will get to 188.3 million in 2013 and will proceed to rise to 203.8 million by 2017. (Litmus)

73. 91% of people described checking their email at least once a day. (ET)

74. Email ad profits achieved $156 million in 2012. (IAB)

75. 64% of decision-makers go through their email via cellular systems. (TRB)

76. Managing any person in your list who has not involved with your emails in over a year improves your deliverability rate by 3-5% instantly. (HubSpot)

77. 74% of customers prefer to get professional communications via email. (HubSpot)

78. For online marketing vendors, email readers convert at more than double the rate of all those reached via Google+ or Facebook sharing. (ASP)


SEO and SEM Facts

79. One-third of all click through on Search engines are on the first result. (Steam Feed)

80. 43% of all on-line promotion dollars are invested in search advertising. U.S. promoters invested $18.4 billion on paid search adverts in 2013. (MediaPost)

81. 72% of PR organizations are now providing SEO expert services. (Marketing Profs)

82. Each day, 20% of the search terms entered into Search engines that have never been explored before. (YouTube)

83. By 2018, one of every single $10 invested in digital marketing solutions will be invested on SEO. (MediaPost)

84. 81% of marketing and advertising experts think that digital marketing technologies will lead their job to switch within the following three years, but just 14% know how to transform themselves. (Fierce CMO)

85. 76% of marketing experts reported they need to be more data-focused to succeed, and 74% agree that acquiring and implementing data to inform and drive marketing activities is the new reality. However, only 39% survey using customer data and behavior patterns to shape marketing strategy in the past 12 months. (Fierce CMO)


B2B Marketing Facts

86. LinkedIn is the only platform that looks effective to the bulk of (62%) of B2B promoters; next in line is Twitter, with 50% of stating it is efficient. (CMO)

87. Only 16 percent of B2B customers prefer live online seminars or webinars. (CMO)

88. 88% of B2B CMOs say their C-suite peers turn to them more often for data and insight needed to strategize and plan, and 78% agree with the fact that marketing's impact on business approach is better nowadays than it was just two years earlier. (CMO)

89. The highest paying advertising jobs are in B2B. (CMO)

90. Only 6% of B2B purchasers say that a potential vendor's social media content has “a lot” of influence on their purchase decisions. 30% say it is “essential but not an offer buster.” (Content Marketing Institute)

91. The huge majority of purchasers prefer to get in touch with distributors via email (81%) or cellular phone (58%). Just 17% want to use online chat and 9% social media. (Content Marketing Institute)

92. After viewing the home page and products/services page, the most important following stop for B2B purchasers is a potential seller's “About Us” page. (Content Marketing Institute)

93. U.S. B2B promoters are expected to spend more than $100 billion on social advertising by 2017. (Pinterest)

94. The best social sites and social advertising strategies used by B2B promoters are LinkedIn and Facebook (each used by 86% of marketing experts), followed by Twitter (81%), blog (64%), and YouTube (53%). At the other end of the selection, less than 10% use Foursquare, podcasting. (Pinterest)

95. More than 80% of B2B promoters say their prime goal in social media is enhanced product recognition. (Pinterest)

96. 53% of B2B Fortune 500 corporations use marketing and advertising automation. (Market Interactions)

97. 54% of B2B customers say that they invest half or more of the commercial supply finances online, and 39% say they plan to maximize the amount they invest online in the forthcoming year. (IR)

98. 67% of commercial purchasers say it is extremely significant for distributors to provide the capability to buy on their websites. Only 7% say this is not important. (IR)

99. 71% of B2B purchasers who see an individual benefit, will invest in a product or service. (B2C)

100. 68% of customers who see a personal value will spend a greater amount for company products but only 8.5% of customers who see no personal value will pay a higher price for a product. (B2C)

101. More than two-thirds of tech B2B searches occur outside of North America. (Social Media Slant)

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