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Monday, April 22, 2024

Digital Marketing

LinkedIn introduces dynamic UTM parameters for enhanced campaign tracking

LinkedIn's new dynamic UTM parameters can revolutionize your campaign tracking with enhanced privacy and user-friendliness.

The secrets to mastering TikTok SEO for greater reach

In a short span of time, TikTok has transformed from a fledgling app into a behemoth of the digital space. It's not just a...

Microsoft Advertising enhances alert system for ad policy violations

Microsoft Advertising introduces faster email alerts for ad policy violations, providing detailed insights and suggesting an increase in non-compliance incidents.

TikTok enhances campaign tracking with Rockerbox partnership

TikTok partners with Rockerbox to enhance campaign tracking, offering businesses deeper insights into customer journeys and improved analytics for effective marketing strategies.

Google’s Performance Max gets a boost with new “Search Themes” feature

Google introduces a new "Search Themes" feature for Performance Max campaigns, offering advertisers more control and enabling the AI to identify more relevant ad placements.

Microsoft Advertising shares marketing guide for the festive season

Explore Microsoft Advertising's guide for optimising holiday campaigns, emphasising early planning, October clicks, and varied ad strategies.

Six notable updates from Microsoft Advertising on Audience Ads

Explore six updates from Microsoft Advertising on Audience Ads for optimised budgets, expanded audience reach, and diversified ad options.

TikTok introduces Creative Assistant to guide ad creation

TikTok's Creative Assistant feature simplifies ad creation, providing useful suggestions and templates to help small businesses and newcomers create engaging ads.