ASUS Republic of Gamers, Warner Bros. consumer products and DC announce exclusive ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition, an exclusive limited-edition version of the new ROG Phone 6 gaming smartphone — created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC — that will appeal not only to fans of the crime-fighting Super Hero, but also to serious gamers and lovers of unique collectables. 

The ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition has a unique appearance designed to evoke the mysterious, dark and brooding atmosphere that envelops the high-tech world of Batman and his Gotham City environs. The phone has a special finish that, when it catches the light, mimics a cloudy night sky penetrated by a searchlight. The special Aura RGB illuminated logo is an outline image of the instantly recognizable Bat emblem, and the Batman theme continues in the custom user interface, with its exclusive themed live wallpapers, icon styles, animations, sound effects and more. 

A unique set of matching accessories includes a USB-C-powered Bat-Signal searchlight mini-projector that can project one of two versions of the famous Bat-Signal onto nearby surfaces; a Batman Aero Case with a special finish and a hidden ‘Easter egg’ image; and a specially designed hard-shell travel case for safekeeping of the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories. 

Internally, the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is identical to the invincible ROG Phone 6/6D, with a premium built-to-win specification powered by either the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform or the mighty MediaTek Dimensity 9000+. 

Exclusive themed design 

ASUS Republic of Gamers Warner Bros consumer products and DC announce exclusive ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition - 1

The ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is an exciting collaboration that deep-dives into its subject, with the look and feel of the phone totally redesigned in honor of the mysterious, technology-loving crime-fighter. With its muted and atmospheric Gotham City Black color, mirrored product label, Batman Gauntlet-inspired graphic detail, and the iconic bat-shaped raster graphic of the Aura RGB logo, every effort has been made to capture the spirit of Batman’s universe. 

The special semi-matte finish of the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition, with its high-tech detailing, has been carefully designed to reflect light in a way that mimics the iconic image of the Bat-Signal searchlight illuminating dark clouds in the Gotham City night sky. 

The phone also gives fans a special user experience and a custom user interface with the exclusive Batman animated theme pack. This features live Batman wallpaper and a redesigned app icon frame, and when the phone is being charged there’s an exclusive sound and animation combined with Batman-themed elements. The custom in-display fingerprint icon also means that users can unlock the phone by tapping the famous yellow Bat emblem. 

Unique matching accessories 

Owners of the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition get a special bonus with the unique three-piece matching accessory set. 

At the top of the list is the Bat-Signal Projector, a miniature replica of the famous searchlight that’s used to call for Batman’s help. This LED searchlight can project one of two versions of the iconic Bat-Signal onto nearby surfaces, and can be powered by a USB-C cable attached to the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition. 

The Batman Aero Case is a protective bumper case featuring a geometric relief rendering of the Bat emblem, created in layers for a 3D effect. The hidden inner part of the case is printed with a special ‘easter egg’ in the form of an image inspired by the Batman graphic novels. 

Even the humble SIM removal tool gets the full Batman treatment: with its Bat emblem design and Gotham City-inspired desktop holder, the thoughtfully designed Batman Ejector Pin deserves pride of place in any collection of memorabilia. 

To keep the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories safe from even the toughest supervillain, a custom storage case is supplied. This sturdy, one-piece water-resistant case is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). Its appearance is based on military-style suitcases, and there’s an embossed Batman logo stamped into the lid. 

Invincible power 

The ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is based on the highly-acclaimed ROG Phone 6 series, featuring the same technical specifications to deliver extreme mobile gaming performance. It’s powered by one of the two latest flagship smartphone chips: the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform or the mighty MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ smartphone platform. With massive amounts of memory for smooth app switching, a high-tech cooling system and powerful battery for effortless marathon gameplay, and unrivaled AirTrigger 6 controls for a console-like gaming experience, the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is built to vanquish all its foes — just like its namesake! 

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