EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: A powerful file recovery program

If there is one thing that is constant about a business, it is that things are ever-changing. Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, the strength of your backup plan is tested. That’s why you need reliable solutions that will help you keep things running no matter what the future might throw at you. 

And when it comes to data loss, there’s no more time-sensitive crisis out there. Rather than leave your fate up to chance, or rely upon a sub-par service, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard not only takes the worry out of data security but also it makes data recovery free and painless. 

Offering a comprehensive suite of features that are industry-leading and on the cusp of the latest in recovery and security technology, EaseUS has one of the best software in this segment without fail. 

The software is designed to handle over 100 different deletion scenarios, according to its creators. With such a comprehensive claim to its name, you would expect the program to be difficult or complicated to use, but it is quite the opposite. 

This software combines a user interface that is friendly, intuitive, and masterfully designed in order to give you all of the relevant options at a glance as well as offering some explanation behind more advanced settings. 

Best of all is that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is perfect for pretty much any file format you can think of and especially for the recovery of documents, photos, and other data associated with productivity and business. The software also works on two levels: The more common methods of deletion as well as the more obscure. It covers both accidental and intentional deletions, thus giving end-users total control over their data’s end trajectory. 

Perfect for all scenarios

One of the most common causes of data loss is accidental deletion using intentional methods such as the delete key. More intentional and thus, malicious origins for data deletion are those that businesses are most concerned with and, don’t worry, EaseUS has you covered. Some other common scenarios include formatted disk drives or even damaged components. In both instances, EaseUS has performed better than expected according to our tests. It will not only help to recover data lost on a drive that is supposedly formatted but also it can help you get back data from a badly damaged drive as well. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - 1

Damage can occur in many ways, from electronic components shorting out to physical damage from water or a power surge. No matter what has happened to your physical drive, this program is great at assessing the situation and delivering a workable solution. As we have explained above, EaseUS is extremely versatile, and its solutions are timely – two factors that make it nearly indispensable to businesses and regular consumers. 

One of the direst scenarios is when a company or individual is facing data loss due to a virus or malicious attack. Even in these situations, EaseUS leaves users with peace of mind as well as a suite of potent recovery tools to help overcome the situation. 

An attack does not need to leave your systems paralyzed, and it definitely shouldn’t result in permanent data loss. EaseUS’s built-in barriers and sophisticated technology can help piece together even the most fragmentary data. To make sure that nothing is left out, the software uses a dual-scanning method that finds both easy-to-locate files and deeply buried, even hidden data that exists on the drive as well. 

Comprehensive recovery features

Another amazing feature is that the software allows you to recover data as it scans for more, thus giving you options in realtime and immediate access to the most critical information as it becomes available. You can even filter your recovery process to hone in on a specific file type. If you’re not sure about the specific file extension, you can group like file extensions together using grouping tags that identify what they are at a glance. Some examples of tags that can be used are “documents” or “photos.” 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - 2

There’s even a file preview option where users can view the recovered file and make sure that it is what they are looking for or need. Advanced users might wonder what EaseUS can do for them in the eventuality that the data itself is corrupted in some way. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - 3

After all, it is great to recover your data, but if it is unusable, then what do you really have at the end of the day? This software not only recovers data, but it repairs it as well. Whether we are talking about a corrupt image or text file or even something as complex as video, EaseUS is equipped with the ability to help you save what was lost and restore it to a usable condition. When taken as a sum, this program checks off all of the right boxes when it comes to end-users needs for recovery software. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - 4

Our tests

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - 6
  • SanDisk Cruzer Switch (8GB): Quick Scanning (< 15 seconds) / Advanced Scanning (1 – 2 hours) / Successful in retrieving Deleted, Lost and Existing Files
  • SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 (32GB) – Unable to detect drive on Windows: Unable to detect drive / Unsuccessful – Probably a faulty thumb drive
  • WD My Passport (1GB) – Unable to open drive on Windows: Quick Scanning (3 – 3.5 hours) / Advanced Scanning (8 hours) / Successful in retrieving Deleted, Lost and Existing Files
  • Buffalo External MiniStation Plus (1GB): Quick Scanning (< 15 seconds) / Advanced Scanning (3 – 4 hours) / Successful in retrieving Deleted, Lost and Existing Files

The verdict: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

From our tests, the software is light and doesn’t need an intensive amount of system resources to work. However, it takes a significant amount of time to scan, depending on the size of the drive. It is easy to use with intuitive controls and an interface that is self-explanatory but also gives access to all of the most important options and features. Lastly, the software is one of the most trusted in the industry, with thousands of positive user reviews and wide acclaim among the tech press. 

Because of this large and active community of dedicated users, EaseUS is frequently updated and stays on the cutting edge of recovery technology and preventative awareness. Users also have a choice between a free version of the software, a medium-grade package, and an all-inclusive plan that will let them select what features they need at the price they’re comfortable paying. 

This appeal to as broad of an audience as possible makes this a great enterprise solution but also perfect for individuals. Though no one wants to face data loss, you need to have the proper tools at your disposal when you do. Given the comprehensive suite of features on offer from EaseUS, there’s no better choice on the market right now. From data recovery to fixing corrupted files, this software offers a range of tools that cannot be beaten. 

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