Fantech ALPHA GC-183: Premium high-back gaming chair with great comfort

The Fantech ALPHA GC-183 is a high-quality gaming chair that aims to provide both comfort and the best gaming experience for gamers. This gaming chair balances firm support with comfort and tops it off with excellent, spill-resistant leather and pillows, offering a premium product at a very reasonable price.

In an industry predominated by big players like Secretlab, DXRacer, and Herman Miller, Fantech ALPHA GC-183 provides you with an alternative with the same quality at a fraction of the price. In case you are wondering, the ALPHA GC-183 is ideal for larger individuals and is sturdy enough to hold up to 130kg.

When it comes to mattresses, most consumers are willing to spend a little bit more for a quality product, as we spend a considerable portion of our day sleeping on it. On the other hand, if you are among the hardcore gamers, then spending plenty of time while seated and engrossed in intense gameplay is perfectly natural too. Therefore, you should also start thinking about investing in a quality seat to enhance your gaming experience.

The benefit of a good chair tends to be neglected when there are more critical things to be resolved, such as installing the best graphics card or an enhanced gaming mouse. However, taking care of your body while gaming is just as important as picking out the best gaming keyboard or mouse. Nobody won any chicken dinners while hunching over their gaming PC on a stack of apple crates like some hobgoblin. 

Sleek design with machine-embroidered red and white stitching

Aesthetics may be secondary to how comfortable a chair is, but they’re still relevant when considering a gaming chair. Most chair manufacturers have models in a variety of colors to match different decor and gaming setup — whether you need something sleek and stylish or loud and garish.  

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Stitch 1
Front stitching
Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Stitch 2
Back stitching

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 takes what makes gaming chairs great and cranks the dial closer to perfection. The chair sports an overall black design with machine-embroidered red stitching and white logos on the front and back. It’s a simple design that makes the branding stands out the most. This design is sleek and very versatile, allowing it to blend into any kind of gaming setup easily.

Premium build quality with durable PU leather and cold-cure foam 

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 takes what you see in other popular gaming chairs like the Secretlab TITAN and places it under this model. It is built with the finest core materials such as PU leather and cold-cure foam that provide a very durable, soft, flexible, yet comfortable sitting experience. 

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Design
Comfortable padding with PU leather and cold-cure foam as the core materials
Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Seat
Great details on the seat

PU stands for polyurethanes, which is a type of polymer said to be stronger and harder than typical rubber, but more flexible than plastic while being resistant to abrasion. The PU leather is smooth but not slippery, with having a very subtle textured feeling. It is also waterproof, allowing you to wipe off any dust or dirt on the chair, and it’ll look exactly the same, even years down the line.

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Material

Underneath the PU leather is cold-cure foam, which is created in solid pieces with aluminum molds, providing air pockets to absorb pressure and cushion the body. The cushioning of the gaming chair is thick, difficult to squish, and quickly reverts to its original shape after you get up. Sitting on the ALPHA GC-183 also doesn’t get too hot, even in a warm tropical country like Singapore. 

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Base
Aluminum frame with Class 4 hydraulic piston

Similar to most premium gaming chairs, the aluminum frame of the ALPHA GC-183 ensures that this gaming chair is more lightweight than its rivals without compromising its structural strength. At the end of the day, this gaming chair is built specifically for larger frame gamers, therefore having a good structural strength is very important. Having said this, it can still be used by everyone, of course, without any hassle. The base is made out of reinforced aluminum with multi-functional tilt mechanism, smooth casters, and Class 4 heavy-duty rated hydraulic piston.

Perfect adjustment options

While it may not be apparent, if you spend prolonged hours at the PC and multiple intervals in between trying to correct your posture, you could be doing some serious damage to your body. Thus, it might be recommended to invest in something with good adjustment options for ergonomic benefits with some lumbar and neck support.

The Fantech ALPHA GC-183 comes with premium armrests that can be adjusted in four different ways (up-and-down, side-to-side, back-and-forth, and at an angle) to ensure they fit your arms and position correctly. And, for build quality, the armrests are incredibly sturdy with no doubt that they’ll hold up over time. Adjusting the armrests is smooth, and the mechanism exudes a satisfying click as it locks into place.

Fantech ALPHA GC-183 - Lever

The Fantech ALPHA GC-183 can also recline back to a maximum of 180-degrees when the tilt feature is unlocked. However, there is very little situation whereby you will need to recline all the way back to a horizontal position. The neck and lumbar support pillow that came with the chair is excellent. The lumbar support doesn’t attach to the chair, so it can slide down when adjusting in the seat, but not a deal-breaker as the chair can function well without the lumbar support.

Simple assembly with a detailed guide

Assembling the chair can be a simple yet little tedious, and it takes about 20 to 25 minutes of effort. The major challenge is to align the backrest holes with the reclining levers before screwing them in place, which can prove to be an exercise in frustration. 

This issue isn’t unique to Fantech, though, and is usually the hardest part of building any gaming chair. Thankfully, the assembly steps are straightforward to follow, and the company has already done most of the hard work, only requiring you to do some simple attaching and securing.

The verdict on the Fantech ALPHA GC-183

The ALPHA GC-183 is one of the most well-made chairs in the market. From the casters to the base, lift mechanism, armrests, and seat back, Fantech clearly used some of the best materials available. The gaming chair is great for lumbar support and ideal for larger frame users.

The Fantech GC-183 is available through the Fantech Singapore brand store on Lazada at a price of S$495 and at a discounted price of S$436 during Lazada’s 11.11 sale.

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