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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Fantech HELIOS XD3: Wireless RGB gaming mouse

Fantech has been rolling out some of the best gaming mice and keyboards on the market since 2020, including MAX CORE MK852 and MAXPOWER MK853, as well as HIVE UX2 and HELIOS XD3. Like most of the company's gaming mice, Fantech takes all the eSport trappings and style choices of the previous models and adds […]

Fantech has been rolling out some of the best gaming and keyboards on the market since 2020, including MAX CORE MK852 and MAXPOWER MK853, as well as HIVE UX2 and HELIOS XD3. Like most of the company's gaming mice, Fantech takes all the eSport trappings and style choices of the previous models and adds them to a wireless gaming mouse that injects high-end features to enable gamers to control the action efficiently but is still so good that it becomes a weapon in their gaming arsenal.

HELIOS XD3 is the newest addition to its already remarkable recent record, featuring four spectrum RGB modes, 1000Hz polling rate, and on-the-fly customizable DPI (400-16,000), and up to 400IPS/40G acceleration.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 2

But although many wireless gaming mice appear to be heavy, the HELIOS XD3 weights 83g – not super light in an environment where 50g wired mice do exist, but very decent for a wireless mouse. After all, wireless mice have to deal with the extra weight of the batteries and the receiver and sometimes weigh well over 100g. The nearest rival to this is possibly the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which tips the scales to 80g.

Symmetrical design with 3-color variations

Like much of the upper-end line from Fantech, the HELIOS XD3 is also a high-end variant of the seemingly standardized eSports mouse. Technically, it has six keys — two key left/right clickers, a scroll wheel, two macro buttons on the left, and a button on the middle of the mouse. On the underside, you can use a switch toggling from on/off/eco mode.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 7

Most of the mouse is made of plastic, with a sleek matte finish that makes it a little bit more impervious to scuffs and scratches. The gaming mouse also features a range of RGB illumination zones, including a scroll wheel, an illuminated Fantech symbol at the back of the mouse, and a narrow strip at the end of the mouse, rendering the HELIOS XD3 a more agressive RGB product in the bling department.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 6

Apart from that, the architecture of the HELIOS XD3 is almost flawless. It comes in at 120mm 58mm x 38mm tall at its highest point. This makes it a very flat mouse that is easy to use both the claw and the palm grip, with the side buttons being conveniently accessible without dislocating the thumb. This mouse is reasonably light at 83g, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on who you are. If you prefer a weightier mouse, you will find yourself frequently over or under correction because of the lack of heft that adds momentum to play.

As not necessarily only men take interest in playing video games. Nowadays, there are many women interested in gaming at a competitive level and who show off amazing gaming talents that other men can only think of. The HELIOS XD3 comes in black, white, and pink that appeals to both male and female gamers.

Great performance with PIXART 3335 gaming optical sensor

When it comes to what's beneath the hood, this mouse has it all. The HELIOS XD3 is fitted with a PIXART 3335 gaming optical sensor of up to 16,000 DPI and a tracking speed of 400 IPS. On paper, that's good for gaming and not an excessive overkill compared to a lot of rival mice. It lasts up to 50 million clicks and operates well at low and high speeds. These specs are comparable to the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, which is also measured at 400 IPS. 

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 5

As far as gaming is concerned, the HELIOS XD3 performed on par with wired gaming mice during our testing time. The input latency was virtually non-existent – acceleration and clicks were converted into onscreen action without visible interruption. Any barrier to in-game performance using the HELIOS XD3 was entirely due to our personal preference for weightier mice. Sensitivity can be adjusted with a button just above the mouse wheel, allowing gamers to change the DPI on-the-fly.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 4

As for all Fantech products, it is recommended that you install their software to adjust lighting, macro settings, and saved profiles. The mouse can work without any software, but to get the best out of it, the software is a must.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 8
Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 9

Dual-mode wired and wireless gameplay with long battery life

During our evaluation, the Fantech HELIOS XD3 lasted roughly 15-20 hours of intensive use with full RGB lighting. Fantech estimates that the battery will last up to 70 hours while the lighting is disabled. You may also extend the battery life by setting the eco mode. To charge the mouse, you can use the included USB Type-C to USB cable.

Fantech HELIOS XD3 - 3

One noteworthy feature is that this gaming mouse can also be used as a wired one, if you like the reliability it offers to the battlefield, with assured uninterrupted gameplay.

The verdict: Fantech HELIOS XD3

The Fantech HELIOS XD3 is a beautiful wireless gaming mouse that comes with three color combinations and has an incredibly low click lag, whether you use it wired or wirelessly. While it's not one of the tops of the wireless deck, relative to larger gaming brands, it's not an overkill either. Its long battery life and sleek, symmetrical build make it a strong RGB gaming mouse for gamers looking for good wireless gameplay without a hefty price tag.

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