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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01: Budget RGB mic for streamers

The built-in microphones on most laptops don't do justice to the voice — they're apt to pick up too much room tone, add too much fuzz, and lose out on the warm tones of being in the same room with anyone else. If you're on a phone call or making a podcast, a stand-alone USB-connected […]

The built-in microphones on most don't do justice to the voice — they're apt to pick up too much room tone, add too much fuzz, and lose out on the warm tones of being in the same room with anyone else. If you're on a phone call or making a podcast, a stand-alone USB-connected mic will make you sound your best. 

If you're on the lookout for a USB microphone, you definitely have a specific use in mind. What works for live streaming might be a musical disaster, and the pristine signal you get from a musician-oriented top-flight mic might give you far more fidelity (and far less convenience) than you need for a podcast. So no, not all USB mics are the same, which can make it a little challenging to buy the best one for your needs. This is where we come in. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 8

The LEVIOSA MCX01 is an outstanding entry-level choice for someone looking to improve their audio quality. It's a powerful, affordable cardioid condenser microphone that works well for any real-time audio recording, such as podcasts and live streaming. If you're on the move or at home, a minimal footprint and simple plug and play setup make it easy to record anywhere you are. 

Solid build with RGB illumination

The LEVIOSA MCX01 is impressively well-built on the hardware front for a low-cost, budget microphone. It's made of all-metal construction, from the body to the wire mesh and volume/echo control. The body has a matte finish, while the volume and the echo controls have a spun-metal design on the front to give it the extra touch. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 7

You will also find the mute button on the side, as well as the headphone port. It also has a USB B port on the bottom, which you can connect to the workstation with the USB A to the USB B cable provided. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 3

The build quality rivals more expensive mics out there, so kudos to Fantech on the hardware. The tripod is rigid and can be rotated up to 180 degrees at the angle of the boom arm or microphone stand, depending on your needs. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 5

Under the black mesh of the microphone, a single RGB LED is hidden, lighting up the microphone when in operation. Despite being an excellent addition for RGB fanatics, the RGB feature is a bit disappointing compared to Razer Seiren Emote or HyperX Quadcast S, which offers more control over the color and pattern illumination. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 1

Decent performance for the price

The LEVIOSA MCX01 looks, feels, and behaves like a pro-level condenser mic. Internally, behind its metallic mesh grille, the mic utilizes a Cardioid polar pattern to optimize your broadcast setup and focus on the sounds you want to be heard. It can record signal at sampling rates of 48kHz, and bitrates of 16 bits, with a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. 

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 6

Depending on your recording style, you might need to use a pop filter with the MCX01. The overall performance of this mic is reasonable for the price. It had a soft and airy sound for streaming or video conferencing, and on the spoken word, it had a lot of precision that could be wonderfully offset by using the proximity effect. 

A decent mic for streamers

The LEVIOSA MCX01 sounds decent, has a Cardioid polar pattern, and comes with an adjustable stand. Even looking at the RGB lighting as an afterthought, this is a compelling package for the price.

Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 - 4

The cardioid polar pattern makes this ideal for podcasters, voiceovers, and live streamers. This cheap, entry-level microphone is a remarkably sturdy recorder, with strong treble, voices, and acoustics, suitable for recordings of this nature. The mic works well with volume control at 50% and records decently from a naturally seated distance from tests.

If versatility and features aren't as important to you as basic recording quality, the MCX01 is a decent mic if you just want to save money. It is an excellent mic for the price, though, and should satisfy any streamer looking to start seriously recording.

The verdict: Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01

All in all, the Fantech LEVIOSA MCX01 is a very good microphone for gamers and podcasters alike, as long as you prefer the looks of the mic and not the flashy RGB lighting or functionality of the rivals. This seems to be a great all-purpose microphone as it worked well on everything.

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