How to find the right childcare software for your daycare business: Things to watch out for!

Running a childcare program is never easy. It entails a lot of responsibilities and tasks. We now have childcare software solutions that unburden operators and staff from the numerous administrative loads. The software also streamlines and improves internal processes to ensure holistic child care and parent experience.

While most daycare center operators appreciate these benefits, deciding what software to use can be a challenge. This is especially true among childcare operators who rely on their common IT knowledge. 

Unfortunately, software solutions can be quite complex. It would be best if you were judicious and critical when choosing the right fit for your daycare business.

So, what are the things you need to look for in a daycare software solution?


Developers of Prime, childcare software noted that technology is evolving rapidly. What is new this year can be obsolete in a couple of years. However, a good technology that stays relevant and continues to serve your operations even after many years is all you need. This makes it essential to evaluate the technology that runs your prospective childcare software carefully. Cloud-based IT solutions are becoming very common because of their versatility and scalability.

Also, the software should be compatible with your existing technology ecosystem for faster integration. The application should also have a web-based interface and/or mobile app companion to enable remote access.


Evaluate your administrative tasks and processes to see what aspects can be streamlined. Common pain points of running a daycare center that can be solved by an IT solution include daily reports, parent communication, billing, and attendance tracking. These repetitive and time-consuming tasks overburden your staff. Look for daycare software with features that address these problems.


Childcare software solutions hold an enormous amount of classified data, such as employee and children information, billing and financial records, licenses and regulatory data, etc. In the hands of the wrong people, these data pose a serious risk. As such, the software’s security should be a top priority. Select the software with reliable cybersecurity infrastructure.

Ease of use

You want childcare software that is easy to learn and use to roll out the new technology easily. Remember that not all your employees have the same level of technical skills. To know more about its intuitiveness, you should read reviews and ask from previous clients. Aside from reading reviews, you need to be able to try using the software first hand. Ideally, you should pick a software solution with a free trial period. This enables you to gauge the level of technical skills needed to run the application. Alternatively, you can ask for a demo from the developers.


Childcare operators now have a plethora of options when it comes to software development companies. While this is generally welcome, you need to choose a developer with a proven track record. You want to work with a software development company with years of experience in this niche; especially that daycare staff has unique needs. Know more about who runs the company, their qualifications, and experience. Find out if the company listens to the needs of their clients. Choose a provider that offers solutions that will benefit your daycare center.

Customer support

Even with the best software, there will be instances when you’ll need assistance from the developers. Select a software program with reliable customer support available through different communication channels such as live chat, email, and phone. You also want to know the average turnaround time for queries and requests for assistance.

Track record

Do your research, but don’t just rely on the promotion of the company. Check what clients have to say about the software and the company. You can also read reviews from neutral review sites. Read as many reviews as possible to get the best software for your daycare center.


The cost of the software is a significant concern for most childcare centers. Fortunately, there are now many options available to you. The price of software applications varies greatly depending on numerous factors. In general, software products that are priced too low would have lower capabilities than other pricey options. Compare all prospective applications and evaluate which one offers the best value for the price.

Besides the price, you also want to know the payment terms, such as one-time upfront payment, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Some subscription-based software charges per user or student. Make sure to read the fine prints and clarify all possible fees. Ask if there are other separate costs, such as license, support, training, and setup fees.

Final Thoughts

This list can help you decide on this critical buying decision for your daycare center. By carefully evaluating each aspect, you can narrow down your list and point you in the right direction. Spend time studying your options to find a high-quality software solution that fulfills your daycare business, your staff, and the families you serve.

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