How to make your retail business secure using cloud POS software

How to make your retail business secure using cloud POS software?

SaaS (Software as a service) has made retail operation easy and secure. Cloud-based POS software is a proven example of such innovation, where data security and accessibility are the most crucial aspect of cloud-based technology. 

Companies worldwide are now considering cloud-based technology to secure their retail businesses because of the sudden increase in vulnerabilities and virus attacks on IT infrastructure. The best thing about cloud POS software is the encryption and data security features it offers to retail businesses, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality of sales data.

Cloud security essentials for businesses

A cloud retail POS is a point of sale solution which doesn’t require any installation at the consumer end. Unlike the traditional POS system, where data is stored in a computer server at the retailer location, the cloud POS software keeps all the business information on secure cloud storage.

For many retail businesses, the concept of storing information on cloud storage is very frightening due to a lack of awareness regarding the advantages cloud technology is offering to businesses. This article will see how you can make your retail business secure by using cloud POS software.

Data redundancy

One of the biggest challenges that retail businesses have to face is losing critical business data. In a traditional POS system, the chances of losing data are very high due to many factors like power breakdown, components malfunction, or software corrupts.

Fortunately, in cloud POS software, the business information is stored in the cloud server, which is highly secure because of the 24/7 monitoring on offsite servers and several data redundancy levels.

Smooth maintenance process

It doesn’t matter what type of POS software you are using in retail businesses because all of them require necessary maintenance updates like the latest security patches, bug removal patches, and improvement patches (features).

In cloud POS software, all this type of maintenance is being carried out by the service provider, ensuring limited or zero disruption in your regular business operation. They will also ensure that the servers are frequently backed up, installed, and managed to keep your business operations running without any downtime.

Less vulnerable to virus/malware attacks

The retail industry is subject to coveted targets of malware and virus attacks despite effective data protection mechanisms in the retail sector. 

In traditional POS software, it’s the retailer’s responsibility to ensure that proper IT security measures are placed, but a simple anti-virus (AV) will not stand firm against powerful viruses and malware. Many factors contribute directly to the POS IT security compromises, such as default credentials, irregular POS patch management, operating system upgrades, and much more.

Using the cloud POS software for your retail business will minimize the chances of getting your data compromised because of virus/malware attacks. The service provider will take care of all the technicalities required to make your business data secure by regularly updating the security mechanism to protect your POS system from attacks. Most cloud-based POS systems, such as CISePOS, have robust security features to secure your retail business from any virus/malware attack.

Authorized access

In a traditional POS system, the retailers have to ensure that the POS system and its hardware are only accessible by the authorized person because the server is located in the physical store. The risk of losing or mishandling critical business data is always present.

However, in cloud-based POS software, the server is present in a secure facility, and virtual access to the system is allowed to the retailer’s official user. All the data transmitted between the client terminal and the cloud POS system is always encrypted over the internet with high-level encryption methods and is secured from hackers.

Moving forward with a cloud-based POS system

Cloud-based POS systems offer improved security features for retail businesses, which were lacking in their predecessor. Both types of systems have different advantages when we analyze the security solution they are offering. However, in a software-based POS system, the retailers will have to manage IT security, which will require additional specialized IT resources. But in the case of a cloud-based POS system, the service provider will manage data security on their end.

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