In brief: Advertisers soon will no longer be able to set budget at Facebook ad set level

by Simon Cohen

Facebook announced that beginning in September, new and existing campaigns will be moved to Facebook’s automated campaign budget allocation system. This system will help to optimize the campaign budget across an advertiser’s ad sets. This change also means that Facebook advertisers will no longer be able to define budgets at the ad set level.

Why you should care:

  • With campaign budget optimization, you can set one consolidated campaign budget for all of your ad sets, and Facebook will automatically distribute that budget in real time to the top-performing ad sets.
  • After September 2019, you can still control spending at the ad set level by using ad set spend limits, meaning that you will only be able to set minimum and maximum limits at the ad set levels.
  • The change will apply to current campaigns, so if you have long-term or evergreen campaigns with specific budgets and objectives at the ad set level, you should start thinking about what this change will mean for these efforts.
  • It will also be good to take the same considerations for any new campaigns set to run beyond September 2019.

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