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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Meta introduces AI-powered ad creativity tools

Meta launches new AI tools to enhance ad creativity on Facebook and Instagram, promising more efficient ad creation and better results.

Meta’s long-term investment in generative AI may take years to yield profits

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the long-term investment in generative AI, expecting it to take years before it becomes profitable.

Meta expands virtual reality reach by sharing Horizon OS with external partners

Meta licenses its Horizon OS to third-party manufacturers, aiming to create a connected and inclusive virtual reality ecosystem.

Facebook’s secret snooping on Snapchat: Project Ghostbusters unveiled

Uncover the story of Facebook's secret surveillance project, Project Ghostbusters, aimed at spying on Snapchat users.

Meta’s social media platforms Facebook and Instagram recover after worldwide disruption

Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms encountered a global outage due to technical issues were promptly restored.

Widespread outage hits Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, affecting global user base

Meta faces a significant challenge as Facebook and Instagram experience a global outage, impacting over 300,000 users.

Meta to simplify ad targeting options

Meta announces removing and consolidating specific ad targeting options from January 15, 2024, to address sensitivity and usage issues impacting Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

Report highlights Reels on Facebook and Instagram overshadowing TikTok in view numbers

Uncover how Reels on Facebook and Instagram are outperforming TikTok in attracting views and shaping content strategies for 2024.