Martina Finto's Cooking Festival begins in Black Desert SEA

Martina Finto’s Cooking Festival begins in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that Martina Finto’s Cooking Festival has arrived in Black Desert SEA. The festival will not only offer various exciting cooking activities but also give participants delicious rewards. 

Adventurers can start the festivities by visiting Finto Farm and completing quests from NPCs located there, to earn themselves rewards such as Memory Fragments and Olivia’s Special Sauce. Olivia’s Special Sauce can then be used to obtain other special cooking ingredients and rewards. 

Adventurers can also receive special quests at Finto Farm during the festival depending on the NPC they encounter. Completing these various cooking quests will earn them Martina’s Souvenirs, which can be exchanged for useful cooking items such as ingredients and tools.  

Moreover, those who take screenshots of their characters enjoying the festival will have a chance to win rewards in the screenshot event that is also now available. To participate, Adventurers must upload their screenshots via Community on the official website. All participants will receive rewards, and a total of 3 additional participants will be awarded a Canape Classic Box. 

Last but not least, the new Blackstar Shoes armor has been added to Black Desert SEA, along with the Blackstar Shoes crafting questline and HP effects..  

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