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Singtel and StarHub lead in Singapore’s mobile network report

In the most recent Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report, and StarHub have emerged as frontrunners in Singapore's 5G network performance. This report, covering the period from August 1 to October 29, highlights the advancements and competitive nature of Singapore's mobile network industry.

StarHub's impressive showing

StarHub has distinguished itself in this quarter's report, securing five outright awards and tying for first place in four categories. This performance demonstrates StarHub's commitment to providing an exceptional mobile network experience in Singapore. Their success in the report is a testament to their focus on enhancing 5G technology and services.

Singtel's close competition

Singtel closely followed StarHub, showcasing its strong capabilities in the 5G domain. With five first-place wins, Singtel has proven its dedication to delivering high-quality 5G services. Although Singtel won one joint award less than StarHub, its overall performance reflects its significant role in advancing Singapore's mobile network infrastructure.

The standing of M1 and Simba

M1, collaborating with StarHub, achieved three joint first-place positions yet fell short in the 5G Live Video Experience category. The specific reasons behind this shortfall remain unclear. Simba, the fourth telecom operator, did not rank in any category, highlighting potential areas for improvement and growth.

Advancements in network performance

A notable change from the last report is Singtel's in the 5G Download Speed category, overtaking the previous joint leaders, StarHub and M1. This indicates a substantial improvement in Singtel's network capabilities. Both Singtel and StarHub have excelled in various aspects, including download and upload speeds and overall coverage experience.

Transition from 3G to 5G networks

Singtel and StarHub lead in Singapore's mobile network report - 1

The advancements in 5G come as Singapore's major telcos, including M1, Singtel, and StarHub, prepare to shut down their 3G networks by the end of July 2024. This strategic move, guided by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), will pave the way for enhanced 5G capabilities. The spectrum currently used for 3G is expected to be repurposed for 5G, leading to better network capacity, faster speeds, and an improved user experience.

The latest Opensignal report highlights the achievements of Singtel and StarHub in providing superior 5G services in Singapore. As the country transitions towards a more advanced 5G network, consumers can look forward to enhanced connectivity and a better overall mobile experience.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
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