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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Google enhances mobile accessibility for users with low vision

Google unveils new Android accessibility features, enhancing navigation and communication for users with low vision.

Android 14 is set to revolutionise smart TV usability

Google announces Android 14 updates for smart TVs at Google I/O 2024, promising enhanced performance, accessibility, and AI-driven content discovery.

Apple and Google tackle Bluetooth tracker safety

Apple and Google introduce a new standard for detecting unwanted Bluetooth trackers, enhancing privacy and safety for both iOS and Android users.

Android in the AI era: Navigating new frontiers in personal technology

Explore how Android's integration of AI, especially through Gemini, might redefine our digital interactions in the new tech era.

Google introduces a workaround for iPhone users to mimic Android’s latest feature

Discover how iPhone users can now enjoy Android's Circle to Search feature with a new shortcut from Google.

Google TV’s ‘Magic Button’ makes its debut on Walmart’s streaming device, not on a Chromecast

Walmart's upcoming Onn 4K Pro streaming box debuts Google TV's 'Magic Button,' a customisable shortcut feature, ahead of Chromecast.

Google Maps tests a significant redesign on Android devices

Discover the latest enhancements in the Google Maps redesign now being tested on Android, featuring improved functionality and aesthetics.

Google launches Gemini AI across Android devices in Singapore

Google introduces Gemini AI to Android users in Singapore, offering advanced AI features accessible through mobile and desktop platforms.