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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Apple App Store

Why DolphiniOS won’t launch on the Apple App Store

Learn why DolphiniOS, a Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator, will not be available on the Apple App Store despite recent policy changes.

Piracy app Kimi outranks Netflix on App Store, Apple takes swift action

Check the rise and fall of the Kimi app - piracy platform disguised as an innocent eye-testing tool, and Apple's swift action to unapload it.

Huat pals return to Google Pay for Chinese New Year celebration

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Google Pay's Huat Pals event, offering in-app rewards and a chance to win prizes.

Top mobile games pick for 2023 – so far

In 2023, the mobile gaming sector witnessed a transformative phase, markedly shifting how we perceive and interact with digital realms through our devices. With...

The best apps to download on your new smartphone in 2022

We depend on our phones, and we use them for almost anything. There is an application right now for nearly anything you can imagine....