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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Big Data

Training on encrypted data: The future of privacy-preserving artificial intelligence

Discover how AI techniques like Federated Learning and Homomorphic Encryption protect data privacy while advancing technology.

Salesforce research reveals fears among Singapore workers over AI control and trust issues

New research from Salesforce reveals that 58% of workers in Singapore fear losing control of AI, highlighting the need for trusted data and human oversight.

Understanding data center tiers: From basic to enterprise-level

Discover how to choose the right data center tier for your business, balancing operational needs, growth plans, and budget constraints for optimal performance.

Revolutionising the customer journey: The interplay of human ingenuity, technological innovations, and data intelligence

Imagine a world where every interaction with a business is frictionless, personalised, and meaningful. It's an environment where every step of the customer journey...

Harnessing big data in strategic marketing and insights for business leaders

Explore how harnessing big data can empower your strategic marketing efforts, personalise customer experiences, and equip business leaders with deep insights to drive growth and success in the digital economy.

Embracing change: Leverage modern technology to realize competitive advantage quickly

Learn how technology can give you the means you need to achieve a competitive advantage

China and US are now in a battle over big data: The war of tech

Data is the new gold, and the two giants, US and China, are now in tech war about it

Data complexity: The rising sophistication of digital ad targeting

The use of the internet and social media have changed consumer behavior and the ways in which companies conduct their business