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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Google’s Gemini AI introduces enhanced privacy for schools

Google's Gemini AI for schools offers enhanced privacy without extra cost, launching May 23 with added accessibility features for Chromebooks.

Google shifts its AI focus to cybersecurity enhancements

Google unveils its new AI-driven cybersecurity initiative, Google Threat Intelligence, enhancing malware analysis and threat monitoring capabilities.

Google launches Gemini AI across Android devices in Singapore

Google introduces Gemini AI to Android users in Singapore, offering advanced AI features accessible through mobile and desktop platforms.

AI in cybersecurity: Just another tool in the toolbox

Discover how AI is transforming cybersecurity, balancing between aiding and challenging security professionals, according to Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia.

Google is set to end free access to its Gemini API; It’s time to pay up

Google is phasing out free access to its Gemini API, signalling a shift towards monetising its AI services. Find out what this means for you as a developer.

Apple eyes Google’s Gemini for iPhone AI boost

Discover how Apple's potential partnership with Google to use the Gemini AI engine could revolutionise AI features on the iPhone and iOS 18.

Google unveils exciting updates including chatbot Gemini in Messages

Google's latest updates include integration of chatbot Gemini in Messages, AI enhancements in Android Auto, and new features in Google Docs.

Google introduces Gemini 1.5: A leap forward in AI technology

Google's Gemini 1.5 redefines AI with unmatched performance and a vast context window, offering advanced applications.