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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


ShopBack embarks on a strategic workforce reduction

ShopBack reduces its workforce by 24% in a strategic move to ensure sustainability, offering generous support to affected employees. confronts challenging market with workforce reduction, a leader in AI-based fraud detection, faces workforce reduction of nearly 40%, highlighting the volatile nature of the AI sector.

Sony announces significant workforce reductions in PlayStation division

Sony announces the layoff of 900 employees in its PlayStation division, reflecting broader industry challenges.

Apple discontinues its autonomous electric car initiative, leading to staff layoffs

Apple's long-standing project to develop an autonomous electric car comes to an unexpected end, leading to staff realignments and layoffs.

Twitch confirms layoffs of 500 employees

Twitch announces the layoff of 500 employees, 35% of its workforce, as it struggles with profitability and creator engagement under CEO Dan Clancy's leadership.

Google confirms the dismissal of around a thousand employees

Google confirms around a thousand layoffs across various departments, including hardware, engineering, and assistant teams, as part of post-pandemic adjustments

Twilio announces workforce reduction to enhance profitability

Twilio Inc. plans to lay off 5% of its workforce by early 2024, expecting to incur costs up to US$35 million, in line with industry trends and aiming for profitable growth.

Spotify announces third job cut this year, sending shares soaring

Spotify cuts 1,500 jobs in its third round of layoffs this year, causing its shares to jump significantly amidst a trend of workforce reductions in the tech industry.