War Hero Events offer powerful rewards in Black Desert SEA

War Hero Events offer powerful rewards in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that a series of War Hero events have begun in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now participate in these events and earn valuable items that will help make their characters more qualified for the battlefield. 

Running until May 12, Adventurers are highly encouraged to honor Black Desert’s War Heroes by completing NPC quests such as sharing special food items with soldiers. Completing these quests will earn them Memory Fragments, Shakatu’s Luxury Box and other special items. They can also obtain Tulip Seeds by simply logging-in and using the seeds to harvest Tulips. These Tulips can also be given to Northern Wheat Plantation owner Norma Leight as a gift. 

During the same event period, Field Bosses will also appear near the Northern Guard Camp. Adventurers will have a chance to obtain special reward items such as boss armor and variously-leveled Magical Crystals, depending on how much damage they inflict to these Field Bosses. 

Last but not least, a log-in Challenge will take place until May 4. Adventurers who log-in during this period will receive special rewards such as Cron Stones and 100 Loyalties depending on their playtime.  

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at sea.playblackdesert.com

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