New Kunoichi Class arrives in Black Desert Mobile

New Kunoichi Class arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Kunoichi class has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. The Moonlit Blade will be Ascended with 4 attack skills upon creation. 

Trained at a very young age, Kunoichi has become the master of her weapons, the Shortsword and Kunai, as well as mastering martial arts and Ninjutsu techniques. Using her skills, Kunoichi has the ability to dispatch her enemies swiftly and silently.  

Kunoichi has a powerful array of skills including Shadow Stitch, which quickly slashes a wide array of enemies, Rain of Steel, a skill that rains daggers and the Kunai down upon opponents, Viper Strike, which helps to track enemies using the Kunai, and Chakra Release, which uses Ninjutsu techniques to calm her mind.  

To celebrate the arrival of this new class, a series of special events will be held. Adventurers can play Kunoichi and level her up to claim various rewards such as Awakening/Ascension Skillbook Chests, 10,000 Ancient Gold Coins, and 2,000 Black Pearls. 

Moreover, Path of Glory has returned with a new season. Season 4 will bring a new difficulty level and valuable rewards starting May 4. This popular PvE mode allows Adventurers to choose multiple characters from their Family to participate. Participants will be tasked with protecting a castle gate against an onslaught of enemies, with attacks increasing in strength and volume with each new wave. 

Visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.  

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