12 things you can do to make your Animal Crossing: New Horizons easier

by Hugo Hsu

Animal Crossing is fun, and it entails so many things, some of which you may not have realized yet. A few helpful tips for the game can be handy and can help you enjoy the game even more. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1: Pooping can help expel energy

12 things you can do to make your Animal Crossing New Horizons easier - Poop

In case you didn’t know, you can poop in Animal Crossing, and the more you poop, the more you expel the excess energy, which may prevent you from getting some items you might need. Most people see it just as a fun feature, but as you can see, it is useful. You can use any toilet that you come across, although that may prevent you from making friends. It’s still fun, though.

#2: There is a shortcut for redeeming Nook Miles

12 things you can do to make your Animal Crossing New Horizons easier - Nook

Whenever most of us want to redeem the Nook Miles, we scroll down the list to it, which can be time-wasting. You can select a Nook Mile task, then use the right stick and scroll easily to a completed task. It’s such a time saver. 

#3: It’s possible to make a Tarantula Island by yourself

Whenever you visit any island using the Nook Miles Ticket, you can make a Tarantula Island of your own. The first thing you need to do is run around the island and ensure that bugs are spawning. If they aren’t, then you will need to visit another island. 

If you see bugs spawning, clear everything on that island, dig up every tree, pocket everything on the ground, and pick up every weed. Drop these items in one corner on a beach and start spawning tarantulas by running around the island. Ensure to catch as many as possible and sell them on a profit. Don’t forget to carry the necessary tools (net, shovel, ax, native fruits, etc.) before you start the journey to the island. 

#4: You can make more by selling your DIY Umbrellas for double

If you require Bells fast, you can sell the leaf umbrellas double their worth. Gather 15 clumps every week (each clump is valued at 10 Bells) and craft a leaf umbrella. Once the umbrella is ready, it is worth 300 Bells, which means you will make a profit of 150 The Bells! You can also use a wooden simple bed or hay bed, among other furniture, to make more profit. 

#5: You can catch specific bugs with a tree stump

Animal Crossing: New Horizons involves a lot of collecting, but while most flora and fauna can be spotted easily, others are so shy. Some bugs only appear on tree stumps, which means you may need to cut down a few trees to collect insects such as beetles. 

#6: Make bank by planting money trees

12 things you can do to make your Animal Crossing New Horizons easier - Bells

On the game, glowing spots are in random places throughout an island, and if you find one, you can dig up and find a few Bells. If you place the Bells you find back into that hole, the tree will literally grow bags of Bells, instead of fruits hanging on the tree.

If you already have Bells to spare, you can bury them, and this can really boost your return. The more Bells you bury, the more you can expect in return. 

#7: Make a wish on a shooting star

Shooting stars occur regularly on the game, and they are fun to look at, but they also play a critical role in crafting particular items. You can make a wish by simply looking up when the star is passing and pressing A. Shooting stars comes in pairs, so don’t panic if you miss the first one. 

#8: Press Y and kick dirt over holes

Most of us usually depend on covering the holes by pressing A, but you can kick the dirt over the hole by pressing Y. You don’t even require a shovel to make it happen. It’s such a time saver, especially when you are making space for your “tarantula island”.

#9: It’s possible to stack critters crates on top of each other

On Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s key to make most of the space you have. You can create more space for yourself by stacking up the critters crates on top of each other. The feature is unique to New Horizons. Since the game is in real-time, a lot of players usually start stocking up the crates before they even think where to put them, and that’s why this ability to stack up the crates on top of each other is instrumental.

#10: Minimize the attack of wasps by catching them with a net while shaking a tree

Wasp and bee stings are some of the things you need to watch out for when you are shaking a tree to collect some goodies. You can catch these wasps by having your net equipped on the tree before you start shaking. It’s a better option than running away whenever the wasps attack you. Do remember to scoop them up quickly.

#11: Sneak on critters and bugs

12 things you can do to make your Animal Crossing New Horizons easier - Bugs

Just like in real life, catching fish and bugs requires some discipline, and while most of us get lucky whenever we swing in our nets, there is a better and sure way of catching critters and bugs. Hold the A button and slowly walk towards the critters with your net posed. It makes your movements much quieter, which cuts down the time you usually take to sway the net.

#12: Make use of another Villager’s mirror to change how you look

Animal Crossing: New Horizons features are way more customizable than the previous games, and now there is a lot of attention on curating outfits and hairdo. While you will need to buy a piece of furniture that has a mirror to change your appearance, you can save your hard-earned Bells and pop into one of the neighboring villager’s tent and make use of their mirror.

Note that not every villager has a mirror, so you may need to move to a few tents. It’s a good alternative for DIY mirrors or having to spend your Bells to buy a piece of furniture with a mirror.

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