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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Hugo Hsu

Hugo is a senior editor at Tech Edition, based in Taiwan. He is an experienced gaming journalist and editor. He has spent more than two decades playing games, venturing across multiple consoles and genres. He currently enjoys Valorant and League of Legends.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro review: The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast

Secretlab's MAGNUS Pro desk combines ergonomic height adjustment with an integrated power supply and sleek design, catering to gamers and professionals for an efficient, clutter-free workspace.

Merging pixels and beats: Exploring APAC’s next-gen gaming entertainment blueprint

In this digital age, where attention spans are dwindling, and platforms are vying for eyeballs, Asia Pacific has emerged as the thriving heart of...

Why a higher monitor refresh rate isn’t always the best choice for you?

Navigating the sprawling world of technology is akin to charting a course through an intricate maze in perpetual transformation. Each corridor introduces new technological...

Navigating the digital frontier: An analysis of Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators

Explore the world of Nintendo Switch emulation with an in-depth look at Yuzu and Ryujinx. Discover their unique features, legal aspects, and potential on devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

The evolution of handheld gaming: A look back at the early years of the Game Boy

From its humble beginnings as a grey, brick-shaped device with a monochrome screen, the Game Boy has come a long way since its release...

The evolution of handheld gaming: How culture and technology shaped the market

The captivating story of handheld gaming devices is a thrilling testament to human ingenuity, fierce competition, and the ever-evolving gaming culture. Embarking on a...

ASUS ZenWiFi: The best WiFi wireless mesh-networking kit

Traditional wireless routers are an excellent option for setting up a home network if you reside in an average-sized flat. Larger multi-story homes may need...

TUF Gaming M4 Wireless: Lightweight ambidextrous gaming mouse with dual wireless modes

A lightweight ambidextrous gaming mouse with dual wireless modes, a 12,000 DPI sensor, six programmable buttons, PBT top cover with ASUS Antibacterial Guard, 100% PTFE mouse feet and Armoury Crate