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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ recruitable villagers guide

There are more than 400 recruitable villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you may only recruit ten villagers to your island home at one time, you will need to be selective over who has that privilege. Whether you want the perfect island getaway or to have a mixture of different villager personalities, there should be considered […]



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There are more than 400 recruitable villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you may only recruit ten villagers to your island home at one time, you will need to be selective over who has that privilege. Whether you want the perfect island getaway or to have a mixture of different villager personalities, there should be considered who will bring harmony or wreak havoc as not all personalities will get along together.

Since this list covers just ten villagers ranked from worst to best, it may not be an all-in-one. You may also fall in love with some of the least favorite villagers, or may strongly dislike some of the well-loved ones. Regardless, you can befriend as many villagers as you like and invite them to come live on your island home until you have created your perfect, idyllic getaway populated with your favorite villagers.

 #10. Pietro


He is one terrifying sheep, whether you are afraid of clowns or not. 

  • He has a smug personality, which means he will come across as very polite, though he can at times be arrogant or conceited. 
  • His personality makes him easy to befriend and also means that he will get along with most other villagers.

#9. Jitters


He is a little, energetic, green, and yellowish bird is named for the side effect some people experience after drinking a lot of coffee, but the makes him look like he's had a little too much coffee instead. 

  • He has dark, thick circles around his wide, white eyes and, he is hyperactive and can often be found running around the island.
  • He is friendly, and his personality makes him easy to get along well with most villagers, except for lazy ones. 
  • Jitters may also find snooty villagers to be difficult as well. 
  • He may occasionally compete against you in bug-catching or fishing activities.

#8. Limberg


This cranky little mouse not only looks unkempt, but his downturned eyebrows give him a less friendly look. 

  • If you complete different tasks for Limberg, he may start to befriend them, though he will continue to spread rumors about the rest of the villagers and may become cross if players don't agree with him in conversations. 
  • He gets along best with other cranky villagers, although he may also work well with jocks and snooty personalities, or tolerate other normal or lazy villagers.

#7. Hazel


Hazel's shortcomings come in the form of her overly-blunt personality. 

  • If you speak to her more than once a day, she may make off-color comments that can pass off as rude. 
  • She can also anger other peppy villagers with her honest opinions.
  • You dislike hazel because of her unibrow, but she doesn't care about it. 
  • Her catchphrase, “Uni-wow,” may even suggest she's quite proud of it. 
  • If you take the time to befriend her, she will offer tips – the majority on how to fight. 
  • This squirrel gets along with most personality types, although she dislikes snooty and cranky villagers who are prone to spreading rumors.

#6. Whitney


Whitney is all about her makeup and style (and gossip). 

  • This snooty white wolf often appears to be arrogant, especially at a first impression. 
  • However, once you warm up with her, she can still tend to come across as rude. 
  • The majority of the conversations will revolve around her favorite subject, which is Whitney.
  • Due to Whitney's personality, she will clash with most villagers. Still, unlike other snooty villagers, she may even conflict with other villagers who have a complementary personality (like smug or normal), as she will also judge other villagers based on their unique interests on top of their personality. 
  • Her characteristics can make it hard for others to get along with her.

#5. Stitches


This lazy cub villager resembles a well-loved teddy bear, filled with bright, colorful patches all over his body.

  • Stitches loves a laid-back, lazy lifestyle, with addiction for food and relaxation with which not every villager will see eye-to-eye. 
  • Villagers with jock and snooty personality types will often clash with lazy villagers, but Stitches will get along with them just fine.

#4. Marina


Marina may be the only female octopus villager available in the series, but she is also the only unique one with the “normal” personality type. 

  • Marina is amiable – even motherly – towards players and will always be apologetic if she requires to ask for a favor.
  • She is very easy-going and will get along with most of the villagers, although she will find it hard to get along with cranky or snooty villagers.

#3. Audie


She is one of the newest villagers in the Animal Crossing series, Audie might at first glance get mistaken for a pretty snooty wolf due to her bright yellow eyeshadow. However, she is as preppy as it goes. 

  • Audie can be easily befriended, and you will often find that she gets over-excited and enthusiastic during conversations, even ones involving mundane topics. 
  • Her peppy personality will clash with villagers who are snooty and cranky, but she will get along fine with the other personality types.

#2. Lucky


Lucky is among the handful of villagers who have been with every Animal Crossing game to date. This lazy dog is wrapped in a full-body cast with only an eye, his ears, and tail, which are visible.

  • You will find Lucky easy to befriend, and he will get along well with most of the other villagers.
  • He gets along best with other lazy personalities. 
  • Villagers with jocks and snooty personalities will also often clash with Lucky as neither agrees with his laid-back lifestyle.

#1. Raymond


Raymond is a new villager in town, and it's not hard to see why he's becoming a popular choice among players. He is a gray cat with black ears, tail, and paws and has two different colored eyes, which is a condition known as heterochromia. 

  • His smug personality means that he can sometimes come across as a little arrogant, but for the most part, Raymond is quite polite and will get along well with most other villagers.

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