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Saturday, July 13, 2024

ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore breaks four world records

World records achieved for the new Intel Core i9-14900KS in clock speed, PiFast, SuperPI 1M, and PYPrime 32B.



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ASUS Republic of Gamers () today announced that an international group of elite overclockers has set four world records with an ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore motherboard featuring the new Intel Core i9-14900KS processor. Along with the ASUS overclocking team, overclocking expert Elmor pushed this processor to a dazzling 9117.75 MHz. Safedisk used the same setup to achieve two additional world records: PiFast completed in just 6.79 seconds, SuperPI 1M finished in 3.768 seconds, and PYPrime 32B finished in 97.596 seconds.

The ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard family is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and overclockers seeking style and power in their setup. The motherboards are built to help the world's most talented overclockers shatter barriers on their way to new records. In the past few years, the ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard was used to push a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900K processor past the 9 GHz barrier for an impressive world record, and the ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore was used to push the 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900KF to 9043.92 MHz.

ASUS congratulates the overclockers who have successfully used ROG Maximus Z790 motherboards to push the boundaries. To explore the key moments from the Overclocking event, click here. To learn more about the full Z790 motherboard family and to find the right one for any build, click here.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
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