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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Disney Plus set to implement password-sharing crackdown this summer

Disney's crackdown on password-sharing for Disney Plus accounts, along with the introduction of paid sharing options.

In a bid to curb the practice of password-sharing, Disney has announced plans to roll out stringent measures for Disney Plus accounts, slated to commence this summer. This decision comes amidst growing concerns over improper sharing, which compromises the integrity of the service and poses a threat to Disney's revenue stream. Account holders found to be engaging in suspicious sharing activities will be prompted to subscribe individually, ensuring fair usage and safeguarding the interests of genuine subscribers.

The move underscores Disney's commitment to providing its users with a seamless and secure streaming experience. By cracking down on password-sharing, the company aims to enhance customer satisfaction and foster a loyal subscriber base. Disney's chief financial officer, Hugh Johnston, expressed optimism about the upcoming changes, stating, “We want to reach as large an audience as possible with our outstanding content. We're looking forward to rolling out this new functionality to improve the overall customer experience and grow our subscriber base.”

In addition to the crackdown on password-sharing, Disney will introduce a paid sharing option, allowing account holders to extend their subscriptions to individuals outside their households for an additional fee. While the exact pricing details have not been disclosed, this initiative presents an opportunity for Disney to tap into an untapped revenue stream. Johnston elaborated on this strategy: “Paid sharing is an opportunity for us. It's one that our competitor is taking advantage of and one that sits in front of us… We've got some concrete actions that we're taking in the next couple of months.”

The introduction of paid sharing aligns with Disney's broader goal of monetizing its streaming services more effectively. With competitors like offering similar options, Disney aims to remain competitive in the increasingly crowded streaming market while maximizing its revenue potential.

Disney Plus set to implement password-sharing crackdown this summer - 2

Disney's strategic evolution in the streaming landscape

These developments come amidst Disney's ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving streaming landscape and cater to changing consumer preferences. Disney Plus recently announced plans to integrate Hulu into a single-app experience, streamlining the user experience and offering greater convenience to subscribers. Despite facing challenges such as a loss of 1.3 million subscribers in the US and Canada following last year's price hikes, Hulu managed to offset this decline by adding 1.2 million new members during the same period.

Furthermore, Disney-owned ESPN revealed plans to launch a new live streaming service in collaboration with Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery, which will debut later this year. The service will also be available to Disney Plus bundle subscribers alongside Hulu and ESPN Plus, further expanding Disney's streaming ecosystem. These strategic moves reflect Disney's proactive approach to diversifying its offerings and staying ahead of evolving consumer trends.

As Disney prepares to launch a direct-to-consumer version of ESPN in August 2025, it signals a broader shift away from traditional pay TV models. With viewership declining and the ad market shrinking, Disney strategically positioned itself to thrive in an increasingly digital-centric entertainment landscape.

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Gabriela Gavrailova
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