Fat Heroes, an illustration of overweight comic superheroes

by Felicia Calle

The fat heroes series were created in 2013 by, the Mexican-based graphic illustrator and designer, Carlos Dattoli. The Mexican artist brings a new step in geek culture by transforming our everyday healthy heroes through obesity, giving in some points a better reality of modern society.

Pop culture icons originally portrayed as ultra-ripped such as the stars from the Marvel cinematic universe, characters of Dragon Ball, and the Power Rangers, have been given rounded silhouettes and more pronounced bellies. 

Check out some illustrations from the series below, and visit Carlos Dattoli’s portfolioArtStation profile, and Instagram, where he explores alternate lives for pop culture characters. 

Fat Heroes - 1
Fat Heroes - 2
Fat Heroes - 3
Fat Heroes - 4
Fat Heroes - 5
Fat Heroes - 6
Fat Heroes - 7
Fat Heroes - 8
Fat Heroes - 9
Fat Heroes - 10
Fat Heroes - 11
Fat Heroes - 12
Fat Heroes - 13
Fat Heroes - 14

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