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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Gentari partners with Virta to expand Southeast Asia’s EV charging network

Gentari teams up with Virta to enhance Southeast Asia's EV charging infrastructure, aiming to lead the market and accelerate regional EV adoption.



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Gentari Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malaysia's PETRONAS Group, has announced a strategic collaboration with Virta, a leader in EV charging solutions based in Europe. This partnership aims to expand the EV charging network across Southeast Asia by leveraging Virta's state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise in the field.

Enhancing the regional charging infrastructure

Through its division, Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd, Gentari will utilise Virta's digital platform services and technology to enhance the deployment and of EV charging stations across Southeast Asia. This move is part of Gentari's broader goal to become the foremost provider of green mobility solutions in the Asia Pacific region. The partnership also plans to improve EV charging interoperability by working with third-party organisations throughout the region.

Gentari Go, Gentari's clean energy platform launched in Malaysia in February 2024, has already established a significant presence, providing access to EV chargers in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The network currently boasts over 2,400 charging points across these three countries, with plans to increase this number by an additional 2,000 by the end of 2024, strengthening Gentari's leadership in high-powered direct current (DC) charging.

Strategic collaboration driving market expansion

“This partnership has vast potential to capture the momentum of the energy transition in Southeast Asia. Gentari Green Mobility has grown from its inception into a leading market player in e-mobility in only a year and a half, and we are happy to further catalyse growth with our market-proven end-to-end global EV charging services and experience, including regionally in Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Our customers and partners will benefit from our ecosystemic approach in enabling faster EV penetration across the whole region – ‘Powered by Virta',” says Virta co-founder and Chief Business Officer Elias Pöyry.

Gentari partners with Virta to expand Southeast Asia's EV charging network - 1

Shah Yang Razalli, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gentari and Chief Executive Officer of Gentari Green Mobility, also emphasised the importance of this partnership. “I am confident that Gentari is well-positioned to be a market leader in Southeast Asia. We already have a large footprint in the region and a deep understanding of local business needs and consumer expectations. Recognising the value of partnering with an entity that brings global standards and industry experience, we see this collaboration as crucial in executing our plans with optimal speed and scale,” adds Razalli.

The growing demand for robust EV charging infrastructure is increasingly evident as Southeast Asia and Oceania accelerate in EV penetration, with several countries already showing double-digit EV shares in new car sales. Supported by Virta's decade-long track record of enabling over 1,000 charging networks to manage their charging business across 36 countries, including the most mature EV markets in Europe, this partnership is well-equipped to meet the burgeoning needs of the EV market in the region.

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