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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Google dismisses 28 employees following a protest over an Israeli contract

Google has fired 28 employees following a sit-in protest over a controversial cloud computing contract with the Israeli government.

In a recent upheaval within Google, 28 employees were dismissed for their involvement in sit-in protests at the company's offices. This action was confirmed through an internal memo that highlighted the company's strict stance on adhering to workplace policies.

Protests lead to firings

The employees participated in demonstrations against Google's engagement in Project Nimbus, a significant cloud computing contract with the Israeli valued at US$1.2 billion that also involves Amazon. The protests escalated when several employees occupied the office of Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, and were later removed by the police. This incident follows the earlier firing of an employee who protested against the same project during a company event in Israel.

Chris Rackow, the head of global at Google, issued a memo to all staff explaining the company's decision. “Behaviour that disrupts our workplace is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Rackow stated. He emphasised the company's commitment to vigorously uphold its policies, which could include termination of employment for those who contravene these guidelines.

Backlash from a protest group

The group “No Tech for Apartheid,” which organised the protests, accused Google of retaliation. They expressed their frustration over the lack of engagement from Google's executives regarding their concerns. “In the three years we have been campaigning against Project Nimbus, no executive has addressed our concerns,” the group stated in a post. They maintained that the firings were a direct response to their peaceful protests concerning labour conditions.

The memo outlines serious repercussions

Rackow's memo detailed the series of events, noting that the protesters had disrupted normal business operations, defaced property, and impeded the work of other employees, leading to their arrest and subsequent firing. He reiterated the importance of all employees understanding and adhering to the company's code of conduct, which includes policies on harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and workplace concerns.

“Every Googler should be aware of our policies and how they apply to their conduct within our workplace,” Rackow advised. He warned that the company would continue to enforce these policies strictly, ensuring that such disruptive behaviour would lead to serious consequences, including possible termination.

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