How can phone validators help your business?

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Are phone validators wise investments? Would it benefit my business?

With the emergence of various digital marketing campaigns like social media and email marketing, many business owners might think that phone marketing is irrelevant. On the contrary, the phone call remains a tried-and-tested method for reaching your customers. According to Rain Group’s study, more than two-thirds of buyers accept inbound marketing calls. Further, it found that existing customers consider phone calls the most effective prospecting strategy. Considering that an individual receives over a hundred marketing emails daily, a simple phone call can make the difference.

A 2017 Forrester study found that customers initiating a phone call have a higher conversion rate, higher retention rate, and higher spending. Customers prefer simple human interactions, which makes phone marketing vital to your campaign.

With more than 5 billion mobile phone users you can reach via phone call and its effectiveness as a communication channel, you want to make sure that you have accurate data. This is where phone validators come to the picture.

You do not want invalid, inactive, and old phone numbers in your database. Useless phone calls to these numbers could cost you a formidable amount of time and resources. Identifying valid phone numbers is crucial to always reach the right person.

What are phone validators?

Phone validator software checks whether a number is valid. It can be used either for real-time or regular validation.

Real-time validation works by prompting the user to input a phone number that follows acceptable formats. Some validators send a code, either an SMS or audio clip, which the user needs to input back to verify the existence of the phone number.

Meanwhile, regular validation checks an existing contacts list. In this method, you need to input your database into the software, which then stealthily pings each number to validate its existence. Users would not receive any call or message regarding the validation process.

Phone validators are also capable of classifying landline and mobile phone numbers. This is important in your telemarketing efforts as well as ensures compliance with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The software uses its web of databases across the globe to verify phone numbers.

Check out some of its benefits.

Verify customer identity

Identity theft is one of the major problems that beset businesses. The proliferation of fake accounts and bots make it difficult to identify real customers from fakes. Fortunately, phone validators provide an effective means to verify real customers.

Even before a user is included in your consumer database, phone validators can establish his or her identity. Users are required to verify their identity using their phone number. After the validation process, the phone number establishes a global trust anchor for future access. The phone number can validate user identity for various account transactions such as change of password, an update of records, etc.

Further, phone validators simplify the account registration process by replacing conventional identity verification methods, like email validation. Phone validation is enough to register a new user account.

Save time and money

Telemarketing entails major expenses. The average cost of each inbound marketing call is between US$1.72 and US$3.23. While the cost per phone call seems minimal, having numerous failed attempts can undermine your marketing budget. Consider every phone call to the wrong numbers as unnecessary losses.

Telemarketers spend valuable time dialing up and waiting for a response from prospects on their list. By ensuring a validated database, you are sure that every attempt is worthwhile. It dramatically decreases your conversion rate and renders telemarketing ineffective. Phone validation software improves conversion leads and revenue opportunities.

Phone validators enable you to segregate mobile and landline numbers. This is crucial for more efficient communication.

Establish a brand reputation

Many people hate receiving unsolicited inbound marketing calls. Without phone number validation, there is a huge chance of calling the wrong number. Receiving a phone call from a stranger is just annoying. Aside from wasting their time, it sometimes feels creepy. Dialing up erroneous numbers negatively affects your reputation.

Developers of phone validation solution by Byteplant noted that a validated contacts list increases the effectiveness of your telemarketing efforts. This is because you can reach your prospects to market your products and services. Inaccurate phone numbers hinder potential follow-up calls and prevent a good relationship with new and existing clients.

Added security

Preventing bots and fake accounts from gaining access to your database helps thwart fraud. Phone validators provide real-time protection and enable you to identify bots and spammers attempting to register multiple fraudulent accounts.

These fake accounts are a nuisance that doesn’t add value to your business. Aside from sapping your resources, they can also spam verified user accounts and perform other unscrupulous tactics.

Better customer experience

Phone calls remain the most effective communication channel. Phone validation ensures that you can reach out to them in the future, such as for after-sales support, marketing offers, etc. This fosters a good relationship with existing clients. This is the reason why many businesses encourage their clients to regularly update their phone numbers.

If you don’t validate numbers, chances are you won’t be able to reach them in the future. As a result, you can lose contact with these customers and the chance to work with them.

Final thoughts

The ubiquity of mobile phones and their effectiveness as a marketing channel make phone validators a vital tool for businesses. It can help ensure efficient marketing campaigns, secure your database, improve customer relations and satisfaction, and ultimately boost your revenues. Many organizations are now investing in it and reaping its benefits.

Indeed, phone validators are a worthwhile investment that will truly benefit your business.

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