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It’s hard to imagine a successful marketing campaign without valid information. If you don’t have the right address, how can you send marketing materials to your potential clients? If you have mistyped an address, how can you make sure your products reach the recipient?

Many companies don’t pay sufficient attention to the validity of this information, mistakenly thinking that errors in such data are uncommon. Meanwhile, each one of your potential clients can make a mistake. No matter how many addresses you work with, these errors could be costly.

Let’s find out how validity problems can be avoided.

What Is an address validator?

An address validator is a software that ensures the validity of your address list. You can use it in real-time while the client is typing the information in a contact form. It’s also highly useful for general contact list maintenance.

While checking each address manually could take a long time, the program does the job in several seconds. It works with lists of any size. Even if you have fewer than ten addresses, it’s better to have the program checking them rather than opting for manual assistance.

The best part about the validator is that it doesn’t bother the recipient to ensure the address validity.

It starts by checking for typos and correct them if possible. Then the program ensures that the format of an address complies with the standards of the country it’s being used in. After that, it checks the list against the existing databases, such as USPS.

If the program discovers a problem, which can’t be checked or fixed, it alerts you. Once the list is fully validated, you can be sure all your mail reaches recipients, thus saving the company time and money.

How can an address validator help your business?

An address validator has many benefits. Without this program, you may not be achieving the results you are hoping for. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of using an address validator shared by experts from Byteplant.

1. Improving marketing efforts

Your marketing team is working hard to prepare special promotional materials to send to potential customers. When they mail these packages, leaflets, and whatever else to wrong addresses, they waste time.

Meanwhile, marketing analysts get the wrong idea about the way the campaign works. They can’t get a clear picture of how many clients they’ve converted even if as little as 5% of the letters don’t reach the destination, the results of the marketing effort change.

To make things simple, let’s imagine that your marketing specialists send out 1,000 letters. These letters result in 200 conversions. The analysts conclude than the conversion rate is 20%. Now let’s imagine that the 100 letters never reached the destination because addresses were invalid. The conversion rate changes to 22%. Can you see the difference?

Without clear information about the marketing efforts, the team may decide to change a good strategy, thinking that it doesn’t work as well as expected.

An address validator can solve the problem in several seconds, ensuring the validity of all addresses on your list.

2. Saving time, effort, and money

It’s easy to make a typo when sharing an address. A small mistake can lead to big problems. Starting from spending money on mail, which is returned eventually, and ending with unnecessary work for your marketing specialists.

The more invalid addresses you have on your list, the more time, effort, and money you are wasting. If you try to check the validity of addresses manually, you can spend too much time on the task while bothering your clients without a good reason.

An address validator is a simple program, which can help you improve your efforts tremendously. Not using it could lead to unfortunate consequences and unpleasant mistakes. The cost of using such a program is reasonable. Meanwhile, it comes with a formidable ROI.

3. Maintaining a good reputation

In the hunt for a good reputation, many business owners don’t realize that something as small as a typo in an address could ruin it.

Imagine, promising your client a fast delivery of the product and sending it to the wrong address. You don’t just incur extra expenses and have to waste time and effort recovering the package. You ruin your reputation as a company that delivers on its promises.

Even though the mailing service could discover the typo on its own and try to fix it, your delivery will be delayed anyway.

Every time you fail to deliver when promised (or at all), you lose an existing customer and a couple of potential clients. Recovering a reputation is much harder than maintaining it.

4. Improving security

The contact information shared by your clients is an important asset. Keeping it secure should be your top priority. Using address validation can prevent you from sharing information with other parties in order to identify its validity.

By opting for a respectable address validation service, you can be sure your information stays private.

Final thoughts

An address validator has become an integral part of the software collection used by many companies regardless of their size. The numerous benefits this program offers are hard to overlook. Save time, money, and effort while maintaining your reputation by considering an address validator for your company. It has an excellent ROI.

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