In brief: Netflix’s new feature for tracking upcoming releases could help retain subscribers

by Smarty
  • Hoping to keep viewers engaged with its content, Netflix today announced the launch of a new section called “Latest” in its TV app, designed to highlight the streaming service’s recent and upcoming releases.
  • The addition isn’t just another row or two within the main Netflix homepage.
  • Instead, the “Latest” section gets its own dedicated area in the Netflix TV app, which is accessible from the left-hand sidebar navigation.
  • The section will be personalized to the end user, based on their viewing history, the company says.
  • At the top of “Latest” is a row that showcases new content that arrived this week, which is then followed by two rows showing content that’s due to arrive this week and the next.
  • Users also can click on these future releases and set alerts to remind them when the TV show or movie they’re interested in watching has arrived.

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