Last season of Path of Glory begins in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced that the tenth season of the popular PvE content “Path of Glory” will begin in Black Desert Mobile. As this will be the final season, a new feature has been added that brings new elements to gameplay while retaining the familiarity of previous seasons.

The last season of the family dungeon, Path of Glory, now includes a new Rift 19 difficulty level. In this rift, enraged bosses Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, and Muskan will appear in 4 waves on terrain previously matching that of Rifts 17 and 18. The last wave can be cleared by defeating the most devastating of bosses “Magram.” 

Upon completing Path of Glory, Adventurers can also enter a new season of “Tus’ Nest” to challenge themselves in obtaining a higher-grade emblem. To enter Tus’ Nest, 20 Tus’ Map Pieces are required which can be obtained by completing Path of Glory.  

Additionally, Adventurers will no longer need to renew their emblem every season; the new emblem obtained during the final season will be permanent and preserve its value. The enhancement experience points of emblems obtained during the previous season can be transferred to the new season’s emblem. Further enhancement can be achieved by using the “Badge of Glory,” which can be acquired via this content. 

A new “Gemstones” feature has also been added to season 10. A maximum of three Gemstone slots per Primal or higher emblem can be unlocked at every tenth enhancement level. Each Gemstone can be enhanced using “Tus’ Breath” which can be obtained by completing Tus’ Nest. 

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