Learn more about Facebook’s email marketing tools

Facebook is one of the most used platforms for digital marketing, and now it is testing new tools that will allow businesses to send marketing emails through the platform.

These tools will allow SMEs to upload contact lists and write marketing emails through a user-friendly interface. Businesses will be able to send emails through Facebook and then track their performance.

Meg Coffey, a social media marketer, was the one who shared two screenshots about this test on his Twitter handle. According to these screenshots, it seems like the business pages with access to this tool will get notifications on the left sidebar. 

After you click on the tab, Marketing Emails, a screen appears promptly and asks you to confirm the email address provided. After confirming the email address, you can start adding email contacts to your subscriber list.

The information can be included individually, or you can upload a spreadsheet. Before adding the contact information, Facebook asks you to confirm that you have received permission to send the marketing emails to the contacts. After the contacts have been added, you can start composing the promotional emails in the Pages app.

Facebook confirms the test

Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed that they are testing the new email marketing tools in a statement to Adweek. The test is limited to small and mid-sized businesses.

According to the statement, if the tools turn out to be beneficial to businesses, they will be rolled out to all businesses. These tools will be a lifesaver to businesses that don’t have an active email marketing solution. 

They offer an easy and fast way for SMBs to send marketing messages at scale and then track performance. However, businesses that have already built their email list may not find the tools robust enough to make them switch from what they are currently using.

On the other hand, businesses that are new to email marketing can use these tools as a perfect way to get started.

However, it is worth noting that you will still need to get contacts to opt-in to your email list. It’s not like the tool sends promotional emails to anyone who likes, comments, or anything like that.

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Simon Cohen
Simon Cohen
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