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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Milieu Insight expands global reach with upgraded platform features

Milieu Insight enhances its Canvas platform with new survey and data integration features to simplify global consumer research.



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Milieu Insight, a leading survey software firm, has unveiled significant upgrades to its Canvas platform, designed to streamline the consumer research and community processes for brands globally. These enhancements include a robust visual survey builder, innovative panel and data integration features, and direct communication channels that connect brands with consumers across 150 countries.

The updated Canvas platform now includes features that ensure surveys are only sent to valid email addresses, which is expected to significantly improve completion rates. Additionally, a unique significance testing tool has been introduced to effortlessly transform raw data into meaningful insights.

Revolutionising survey creation and data integration

Initially introduced last year, the Canvas visual editor marked a significant advancement in the survey software industry, which has traditionally struggled with user-friendly survey creation tools. The latest update enhances the platform's survey design capabilities by adding diverse question formats and a consolidated list view with editing tools. This list view provides a clear overview of survey content and simplifies navigation.

Further, Canvas now allows brands to integrate external survey takers and link their existing customer databases—including first-party data and social media lists—through new API integration capabilities and automatic data entry into surveys. These integrations are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of customer bases and broader market sentiments, effectively reducing the effort and cost associated with data collection.

Empowering brands with advanced consumer insights

Canvas also connects survey results with a consumer profiling tool within Milieu's community, called Portraits. This tool offers access to a vast database of consumer segments, providing brands with detailed insights into various aspects such as demographics, lifestyle, and media consumption. This connection is set to accelerate the research process, enabling brands to make timely and informed decisions to drive their success.

Milieu Insight boasts the largest active survey panel in Southeast Asia, with over two million users. The extended capabilities to survey international consumers position Canvas as a comprehensive tool for global market research.

Gerald Ang, Founder and CEO of Milieu Insight, emphasised the impact of these enhancements. “Canvas will enhance the entire research supply chain, from launching surveys to generating insightful reports. We are also excited about the upcoming launch of Milieu Reports, a data visualisation tool that will allow clients to create charts or infographics in seconds,” he said. Ang also highlighted the development of ‘Flash,' an AI-powered survey assistant integrated into the visual editor to aid in survey design.

Companies like ONE Championship, Lazada, , and non-profits such as AWARE and the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations have leveraged Milieu's platform to obtain valuable insights. With over 100 million surveys completed since 2016, Milieu Insight is set to introduce more innovative features that promise to further transform consumer research and data analytics.

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Nurin Sofia
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