New Hashashin Class arrives simultaneously in Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile

by Hugo Hsu

Pearl Abyss is excited to announce that for the first time, a new class has been updated simultaneously in both Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now meet the new Hashashin class and claim various special rewards on both PC and mobile.  

Hashashin, a warrior of his native Valencian god Aal, seeks the truth behind the fallen Blackstar. With the ability to manipulate sandstorms and meld with sand, he is also able to disappear and reappear instantly while summoning countless whirlwinds to attack his enemies. He engages in mid-range combat with his crescent-shaped Shamshir as his main weapon, sweeping it through the desert and slamming it into the ground to send out a wave of sandstorms.  

To celebrate Hashashin’s arrival, a series of events are taking place to reward Adventurers with various special items. Until September 16, rewards such as Cron Stones and a Radiant Adventure Box will be given to those who log in to Black Desert SEA. During the event period, extra buffs can be obtained through the Hot-time event alongside sandstorms that randomly appear in hunting grounds.   

In Black Desert Mobile, Adventurers who level up their Hashashin to level 60 before September 28 will receive a Jade Ring and Jade Bracelet. It is the first time to give Abyssal-grade accessories as rewards. By leveling up Hashashin to level 50, Adventurers can also obtain a Lv.60 Character Generator Coupon which can be used to get an Ascended or Awakened character. In addition, more items will be provided for simply logging in to the game until September 30.  

More information can be found on the official websites of Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile.  

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