Risa Partners, Japan’s mid-sized bank seeks investments worth US$139M

by Felicia Calle

Risa Partners, which is a Japanese bank with a focus on real estate and finance has launched its fifth corporate investment fund. The target of this investment fund is stated at US$139.5 million.

The mid-sized Japanese bank is controlled by NEC Corporation and focuses primarily on fund management, investment banking and principal investments.

With a hard cap of US$186 million, the investment fund aims at investing in domestic companies as equity. Additionally a non-primary part may be invested in bonds.

In one of its statements, the bank mentioned that they would also open the funding options to other domestic investing institutions, and they plan to complete the fundraising by the end of this year.

Risa Partners was established in July 1998, and it first launched its Risa Corporate Solution Fund in September 2006. Additionally, in 2008, Risa Partners launched Fund II with an initial commitment of US$46.5 million, which then was expanded to US$202 million.

Last December, Risa Partners, Marubeni trading house and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp of Japan, invested a total of US$70 million in a fund linked to Temasek Holdings in Singapore.

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