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Secretlab MAGNUS Pro review: The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast

Secretlab's MAGNUS Pro desk combines ergonomic height adjustment with an integrated power supply and sleek design, catering to gamers and professionals for an efficient, clutter-free workspace.

Secretlab, well-known in gaming circles for its ergonomic chairs, ventured into new territory in 2021 with its Magnus desk, garnering excitement and nods of approval from its loyal following. While the initial desk was applauded for its finesse and design, a heartfelt wish echoed among its users: “If only it could adjust in height.”

Hearing this genuine feedback, Secretlab didn't just make any sit-to-stand desk; they crafted the MAGNUS Pro in 2022. It wasn't just about adding a height-adjustment feature. It was about understanding daily nuisances, like the web of tangled cables we've all sighed at once too often. Through the MAGNUS Pro, Secretlab addressed the height factor and created a space for gamers and professionals to focus on, especially in tackling everyday issues like cable management, promising gamers and professionals a seamless and clutter-free experience.

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro's distinction emphasises height adjustment, seamlessly transitioning from a sitting to a standing desk. This feature alone sets it apart from its ‘stationary' precursor. But the advancements do not end here. At a starting price of S$899 and S$999, potential buyers can expect more attachments, design choices, and even two-size variants. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 2

A harmonious blend of form and function

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro embodies modern craftsmanship, melding aesthetics, durability, and user-centric design. The desk features a robust metal build that exudes unparalleled sophistication. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 10
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 6

The desk is the world's first with a fully integrated power supply column, a design breakthrough to eliminate cable clutter and maximise workspace creativity. This patent-pending innovation incorporates a concealed cable within the desk leg and an embedded electrical socket, offering an efficient power solution for the desk and various devices. Notably, this power mechanism is exclusively integrated into the left leg of the MAGNUS Pro. But the desk's excellence isn't just skin deep. The MAGNUS Pro promises longevity and robustness in with essential safety standards and regulatory prerequisites. Its exterior is enhanced with a powder-coated finish, providing added insulation and endurance. Inbuilt safety features include a thermal circuit breaker ensuring fail-safe operation, insulated 12AWG cables sheathed in a custom plastic sleeve to prevent exposure, and a structure segmented into different sections, each having multiple grounding points, thereby elevating the desk's safety quotient.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 8

Recognising the diverse requirements of modern professionals, Secretlab also introduces the MAGNUS Pro XL. With 18% more expansive dimensions than its contemporaries, this variant caters to those who crave additional space. Its length of 1770mm and depth of 800mm, compared to the 1500mm 700mm of the standard MAGNUS Pro, underscores its promise of offering more than just space – it provides the luxury of it. The MAGNUS Pro XL ensures room for every ambition for the gamer with intricate multi-monitor setups, the professional navigating vast spreadsheets, or the designer with myriad tools.

The durability and functionality of the MAGNUS Pro are not mere buzzwords; they are rooted in tangible tests and innovative features. Its rear-hinged cover's resilience was proven with a 10,000 open-close cycle test, while the dual electric motors showcased enduring functionality with a 20,000-cycle test. Central to its design is the ingeniously integrated power supply column that houses a concealed cable and built-in socket, signifying Secretlab's forward-thinking approach to design. The desk resonates with varied users, from passionate gamers to ardent creators, with features such as the electric lift endorsing ergonomic health during extended work or play sessions.

Delivered in two boxes, one weighing 30kg and the other almost 50kg, the packaging ensures the product reaches its destination without a scratch, regardless of any external knocks. Assembly, given the desk's substantial weight, is more than a one-person task. Therefore, we opted for the assembly service at an additional S$59.

Elevating ergonomics with adjustable height

When it comes to performance, the MAGNUS Pro is in a league of its own. First and foremost, users will notice its rock-solid stability. This desk stands unyielding, refusing to wobble even under significant pressure or during vigorous usage, a clear indicator of its superior build quality and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 4
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 3

But there's more. The MAGNUS Pro doesn't just cater to the aesthetics and organisation of a workspace; it also places a premium on user comfort. A feature that users will come to cherish, especially those accustomed to spending prolonged hours at their desks, is its adjustable height mechanism. The desk can transition between sitting and standing with just a few adjustments. Gone are the days of static, immovable workstations; today's discerning users demand control, and the MAGNUS Pro delivers. Whether drafting, gaming, or writing, the desk empowers you to set the perfect height to the millimetre, catering to your exacting needs. With a fully integrated control panel seamlessly flush with the desk edge, there's no protrusion to hinder your movement, ensuring a landscape of unhindered productivity. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 5

The height adjustment range is expansive, spanning from 650mm to 1250mm, providing a spectrum of positions for users of different statures and preferences. Furthermore, for those who have discovered their sweet spots, the system offers three custom height presets, allowing for quick transitions without needing to fine-tune each time manually. And for those concerned about the desk's load-bearing capabilities, rest assured. The MAGNUS Pro is built to support a maximum weight of 120kg, accommodating even the most elaborate setups with confidence.

This allows for a change of perspective and promotes better posture and circulation. Such ergonomic considerations ensure that dedicating long hours to work or leisure at the desk doesn't come at the cost of physical discomfort or strain. The MAGNUS Pro redefines what it means to combine functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics in a modern workspace.

Another standout feature of the MAGNUS Pro is its magnetic ecosystem. This innovation can be found on the underside of the table, which is thoughtfully outfitted with magnetic panels. These aren't just for show; they have been deliberately integrated to serve a pivotal role in workspace organisation. By utilising these magnetic panels, users can effortlessly manage and conceal their cables, resulting in a workspace that's both efficient and pristine. Gone are the days of tangled wires and messy desk surfaces. With the MAGNUS Pro, tidiness is the order of the day.

The accessory ecosystem of MAGNUS Pro

The MAGNUS Pro is amplified further by a meticulously curated suite of accessories. Secretlab's reputation for creating products that seamlessly match user needs has ensured that the MAGNUS PRO is no exception. This is particularly evident in their modular, secure, user-friendly add-ons, each sculpted with professionals in mind.

The Secretlab Magnetic Cable Anchors provide a prime example of this commitment to detail and utility. Specifically crafted to attach securely to the MAGNUS metal desk surface, these anchors ensure that cables remain tidy, organised, and free from tangles. 

The Secretlab Premium PC Mount emerges as a godsend for users looking to optimise space further. Exclusively tailored for the MAGNUS Pro and its XL variant, this mount allows users to securely nestle their PC towers (up to ATX size) beneath the desk. The pull-pin design adds a layer of convenience, facilitating easy adjustments to the PC tower height.

However, the innovations continue beyond larger accessories. The Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger effortlessly snaps onto the MAGNUS's underside, ready to cradle anything from gaming headsets to audiophile-grade headphones. To further manage cables, the Secretlab Magnetic Cable Sheaths have been introduced, designed to align over wires and secure them to the desk's leg, thus ensuring a clutter-free visual appeal.

In aesthetics and touch, the Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat stands out. With its magnetic bottom, this plush, premium leatherette mat feels luxurious under the touch and augments the durability of the MAGNUS Pro metal desktop. Users have the added advantage of personalising their space with an evolving array of signature and special edition MAGPAD designs, though availability may vary by region.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 7
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast - 9

Adding the quintessential finishing touch to the MAGNUS PRO experience is the Secretlab MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition). Powered by the renowned Nanoleaf, this RGB lighting system allows users to immerse themselves fully in their desired ambience. Each strip boasts 123 individually addressable LEDs, offering over 16 million colours. Custom scenes, colour motions, and exclusive presets from renowned teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9 elevate the user experience. This LED strip is also seamlessly integrated, magnetically snapping onto the desk's underside without interfering with its height-adjustable features. 

With smart home integration options, users can even exercise voice control via platforms like Google Home or Apple Homekit.

The verdict: Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

As we reach the culmination of our review, it's evident that the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro is not merely a desk but an experience. Secretlab has meticulously crafted a product that resonates with the modern-day consumer, intertwining design, functionality, and technological innovation.

However, while the desk offers many features and stands out in many aspects, evaluating individual needs is crucial. If you're seeking a blend of style, functionality, and tech integration in a workspace, the MAGNUS Pro could be the desk of your dreams.

Yet, as with all products, weighing the investment against your requirements is imperative. One thing's for sure, though: with the MAGNUS Pro, Secretlab continues solidifying its reputation as a frontrunner in the world of ergonomic and tech-integrated furniture.

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Hugo Hsu
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