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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Microsoft experiments with a new floating widget feature for the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft is testing a new Start menu feature in Windows 11 that introduces floating widgets, potentially enhancing functionality and user interaction.

Microsoft introduces the Phi-3 Mini, its most compact AI model to date

Microsoft launches Phi-3 Mini, a compact AI model designed for efficiency and tailored applications, now available on Azure and other platforms.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games to embrace unprecedented AI technology

Discover how the Paris 2024 Olympics will utilise AI technology to enhance athlete support and fan engagement, spearheaded by Intel.

Microsoft’s AI could soon make your photos talk and sing

Explore how Microsoft's new AI tool VASA-1 can bring your photos to life by creating realistic videos of them talking and singing.

The best apps to download on your new smartphone in 2022

We depend on our phones, and we use them for almost anything. There is an application right now for nearly anything you can imagine....