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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Updated versions of M4 Mac Studio and Mac Pro are expected in late 2025

Apple's M4 Mac Studio and Mac Pro are expected in late 2025, while the first M4 MacBook Pros are anticipated before Christmas this year.

Apple shifts focus to the affordable Vision Pro model and pauses Vision Pro 2 development

Apple focuses on a cheaper Vision Pro model, pausing work on Vision Pro 2, which might delay its launch beyond 2025.

Stanford unveils a groundbreaking AR glasses prototype

Stanford's new AR glasses prototype promises a thinner, lighter design with high-quality, realistic 3D imaging, potentially revolutionising the AR market.

Microsoft’s AI could soon make your photos talk and sing

Explore how Microsoft's new AI tool VASA-1 can bring your photos to life by creating realistic videos of them talking and singing.

Qualcomm reveals new chip to rival Apple’s Vision Pro

Qualcomm challenges Apple with its Snapdragon XR2+ chip, designed for mixed-reality headsets, promising enhanced performance and user experience.

Snapchat’s quest for AR innovation amid economic challenges

Discover Snapchat's strategic moves in AR innovation amid economic challenges and partnerships' potential to drive its growth in the AR wearables market.

Digital for Life Festival 2023: How tech giants are making digital safety and trends accessible

The Digital for Life Festival 2023, organised by IMDA, aims to make online safety and emerging technologies accessible to all. The event features three main zones focusing on learning digital skills, exploring new technologies, and contributing to digital inclusion.

TikTok broadens its AR Creator Rewards Programme to additional regions

TikTok extends its AR Creator Rewards Programme to more regions, eases entry criteria, and increases payout frequency, encouraging more creators to develop engaging AR effects.