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Sunday, April 14, 2024


Financial Times introduces ‘Ask FT’, an AI chatbot for subscribers

Discover 'Ask FT', the Financial Times' AI chatbot, offering personalised answers from decades of articles to subscribers.

Anthropic unveils new AI chatbot models to reduce hallucinations

Discover Anthropic's new AI chatbot models Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku, designed to enhance accuracy and reduce misinformation.

The role of AI and automation in shaping modern customer experiences

Explore how AI and automation are revolutionising customer service, enhancing efficiency, personalisation, and real-time interactions for transformative customer experiences.

Mistral partners with Microsoft, unveils new AI model and chat app

Explore the breakthroughs in AI with Mistral's latest model, Mistral Large, and its strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Google unveils exciting updates including chatbot Gemini in Messages

Google's latest updates include integration of chatbot Gemini in Messages, AI enhancements in Android Auto, and new features in Google Docs.

OpenAI to launch ‘GPT Store’ for custom chatbots next week

OpenAI announces the launch of the GPT Store next week, a platform offering customisable ChatGPT versions that align with the vision of making AI more accessible and valuable.

Microsoft’s Copilot app now available on iOS

Explore Microsoft's new Copilot app, now available for iOS and iPadOS users, featuring advanced AI with GPT-4 and creative image generation capabilities.

Google enhances Bard with groundbreaking Gemini model

Google's Bard chatbot leaps forward with the innovative Gemini model, enhancing its capabilities and introducing advanced, multimodal user interactions.