Friday, February 23, 2024


Apple unveils revolutionary AI image editing model

Discover Apple's groundbreaking AI image editing model, revolutionizing editing with simple text commands and superior performance.

Decades-old GTA games on Netflix gain popularity amidst GTA 6 anticipation

Excitement for GTA 6 leads to a surge in popularity for classic GTA titles on Netflix Games, showcasing the enduring appeal of the franchise.

Disney’s US$1.5 billion investment in Epic Games propels Fortnite into a new era of entertainment

Disney's monumental investment in Epic Games heralds a new era of gaming with beloved characters set to join the Fortnite universe.

Zoom introduces immersive app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Zoom's new app for Apple's Vision Pro headset redefines virtual meetings, offering immersive experiences and innovative features.

Meta’s Threads and the Fediverse: A new frontier in social media?

Threads integration with the Fediverse pose questions about the future of social media. Can this decentralised approach truly take off?

Apple’s Vision Pro gets Microsoft 365 apps for enhanced functionality

Apple's Vision Pro now includes Microsoft 365 apps for enhanced functionality, marking a significant tech collaboration.

Snapchat’s quest for AR innovation amid economic challenges

Discover Snapchat's strategic moves in AR innovation amid economic challenges and partnerships' potential to drive its growth in the AR wearables market.

Singapore and Shenzhen enhance Smart City ties with 14 new ventures

Singapore and Shenzhen strengthened their smart city collaboration with 14 new projects and eight MOUs, deepening their digital innovation partnership.