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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Singapore rolls out new cybersecurity training initiative

Singapore's Cyber Security Agency launches the SG Cyber Leadership and Alumni Programme, extending its S$30m commitment to cyber capacity building until 2026. The initiative offers training at various levels and is open to international participants.

The technological tides changing Singapore’s workforce

The dawn of technology has breathed new life into every nook and cranny of our existence, and the Singaporean workforce is no exception. Automation...

11 free online courses for digital marketing in 2019

The ability to use digital marketing to get people's attention, build an engaged audience, and to provide valuable content is becoming essential to succeed...

12 Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017 / 2018

Most organizations prefer digital marketing professionals with recognized certification as an additional qualification. There are plenty of certification courses that are now available online....