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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Geek Culture

Akira Toriyama, legendary Dragon Ball creator, dies aged 68

Akira Toriyama, creator of the iconic Dragon Ball series, has passed away at 68, leaving behind a legacy cherished globally.

Celebrating half a century: Casio’s tribute to the classic Casiotron

Discover the Casio Casiotron TRN-50, a modern tribute to the classic 1974 model, blending vintage charm with advanced features.

Top 10 Netflix films and TV shows you should watch in 2023

Netflix has become a popular destination for viewers worldwide, and with the growing dominance of streaming services in the entertainment industry, the platform has...

Dongman: 8 Anime from China that you need to watch

Chinese anime, as the name implies, refers to animations created in China or Chinese adaptations of Manhua (漫画), Chinese manga, and is also known...

6 best Lego gaming sets to add to your wish list

Lego's brick-based collaborations are constantly expanding. All it takes is for you to walk into a Lego store and roam the aisles and aisles...

Top 10 horror movies on Netflix to watch during this 7th month (2022)

The year 2022 is halfway through, bringing a slew of new horror films to keep our adrenaline pounding. So far this year, the scare...

The 20 best Netflix shows to watch in 2022

Spending some time in front of the TV is a hobby we all enjoy. With so many streaming services and shows, it can be...

CapitaLand welcomes the year of the tiger with a joyous molly reunion

To soak in the prosperous and joyous spirit of the Lunar New Year, Singapore’s largest shopping mall operator, CapitaLand, is inviting you to welcome...